Former Super Bowl champ Tyreek Hill chooses Dolphins over Chiefs: “This is the better team”

The Miami Dolphins standout receiver Tyreek Hill had previously played a pivotal role as one of the key weapons in the Kansas City Chiefs’ initial Lombardi Trophy victory. Surprisingly, the Chiefs opted to trade their star receiver last season.

The trade, initially raising eyebrows, proved mutually beneficial as Hill excelled with the Dolphins and the Chiefs clinched another Super Bowl. As both teams maintain their competitive edge this season, Hill offers his prediction for this season’s Lombardi Trophy winner.

Hill picks Dolphins as the superior team

Despite having tasted a Super Bowl victory with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, Tyreek Hill is confident that the 2023 Dolphins are surrounded by the most talent he’s ever seen. Speaking to CBS Sports, Hill expressed his belief that the Dolphins could clinch the Lombardi Trophy this season.

When questioned about the team’s potential championship, Hill responded with unwavering confidence, stating, “Of course, man.”

Comparing the current Dolphins team to the 2019 Chiefs team that secured Super Bowl LIV, Hill boldly asserted that the 2023 Dolphins are even better. The 29-year-old praised the team’s practice ethic and the camaraderie displayed on the field. In the eyes of the receiver, it surpasses anything he had experienced in Kansas City.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see the way we practice, the way we play for one another is something that I’ve never seen before in a team. I won a Super Bowl and I feel like this is probably the better team than when we won a Super Bowl back when I was on K.C.”

He attributed this confidence to the exceptional leadership of head coach Mike McDaniel, highlighting McDaniel’s unparalleled preparation and attention to detail. According to Hill, McDaniel keeps every player in tune with the game plan, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among the team.

“The way our head coach prepares us each and every week man, it’s next level. And he keeps each and every one of his guys in tune with the game plan and how we keep attention to detail each and every week.”

Hill’s optimism and endorsement of the Dolphins’ capabilities provide a glimpse into the team’s current dynamics. Hence, he couldn’t be a fan of NFL legend Tom Brady’s take on today’s NFL. Nevertheless, it is not the first time that the Dolphin’s receiver has uttered his bold remarks about his former team.

Though he was adamant about outrunning his former team to show his current team’s legacy, he fell short 21-14 to the Chiefs in their last encounter. Then he had nothing but to mention the Chiefs as a “good opponent” in an X post.

Following the Week 12 battle, Cheetah’s current and former teams both sit at 8-3.

Tyreek Hill reveals Mom’s advice shaped his football destiny

Tyreek Hill revealed that his journey into American football was influenced by his mother Anesha Sanchez’ strong encouragement. Despite excelling in soccer throughout his early years, his mother urged him to focus solely on American football due to his exceptional talent in the sport.

Speaking as part of ‘Destination Miami,’ Hill shared that he was particularly skilled in soccer, having been a standout striker with exceptional athleticism, speed, and agility.

“I played soccer all the way up until middle school, but my mom was like ‘Hey you’re so good at American football, that I want you to only stick to American football.’ I was good at soccer.”

Hill retorted that his desire to pursue soccer was diverted by his mother’s wish for him to embrace the family tradition of playing football. Hence, in spite of feeling like the “different one” for wanting to play soccer instead, Hill honored his mother’s request and transitioned to American football.

“’I was supposed to be playing soccer right now but my mom wanted me to play football, because football is a part of our household and everyone in our family played football,’ he said, per Daily Mail.

Hill’s mother’s supportive gesture played a role in steering him towards American football, ultimately shaping his successful career in the NFL. To adorn this assistance, the receiver even went to give the ball after doing a touchdown against the New York Giants, though it was at first intercepted by one of the crazy fans.

What’s your take on Tyreek Hill’s mother’s decision to change his choice of sport?

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