Jayden Daniels fully embraces possibility of joining the Commanders amid NFL speculation

The Washington Commanders are long speculated to pick quarterbacks Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye in the upcoming NFL draft. Yet, recent rumors suggest that Daniels may not be keen on joining the Commanders.

In response to these murmurs, the former LSU quarterback has publicly stated his “100 percent” commitment to whichever team selects him in the upcoming draft. 

“I’m blessed to go wherever I’m called. Whoever calls my phone, (when the) commissioner gets up and says my name, I’ll be blessed, and they’re going to get my all.”

The seeds of doubt were sown after the commanders conducted a group visit with Daniels, along with Drake Maye, J.J. McCarthy, and Michael Penix Jr. Meanwhile, reports indicate that his agent was less than thrilled with the situation.

Nevertheless, if Daniels harbors reservations about joining the Commanders, it could cast a shadow over their draft strategy. With the second overall pick, the Commanders hold considerable sway in shaping their future, but a reluctant quarterback could disrupt their plans.

As part of the Commanders, Daniels’ blend of passing prowess and dynamic running ability has made him a top target for the Commanders, as they are vying to change the culture. The Heisman Trophy winner’s stellar performance in college, coupled with his lofty NFL goal, proves his potential as a game-changing talent in the NFL.

Jayden Daniels aims to surpass Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson as the Greatest Running QB

Jayden Daniels is not only eyeing a successful career as a passer but also as a prolific runner with his “dog” mentality. In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Daniels expressed his admiration for Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson, considering them the greatest running quarterbacks of all time. Nevertheless, he aims to surpass their accomplishments once he enters the league.

“[Vick] was the first, but I think Lamar’s got him now,” Daniels said. “I’m in the league now, so I’m trying to go past them.”

With 6,109 rushing yards, Michael Vick holds the record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in NFL history. Following him are notable names like Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, with Lamar Jackson closely trailing.

Despite these impressive figures, Daniels remains undeterred in his pursuit to surpass them. His confidence stems from his versatility as a dual-threat quarterback during his LSU career. Nevertheless, the inherent risk of injuries poses a concern for quarterbacks who rely heavily on their legs in the NFL.

It will remain to be seen if the LSU star can live up to his lofty aspirations.

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