Jaylon Johnson claims Justin Fields needs ‘opportunity’ to develop amid Bears QB’s uncertain future

Ahead of Week 15, the Chicago Bears, led by quarterback Justin Fields, were in a two-game winning streak. Following the loss to the Cleveland Browns, they again managed to secure two back-to-back wins. However, this was not enough to secure a playoff run for them due to their poor losing streak at the start of the season.

Besides the lackluster season, Fields had to fight his own battle as the quarterback fell prey to injuries for a while. While the injury itself was a big blow to deal with, the signal-caller had another thing to worry about. The QB1 is facing the potential of being cut from the roster ahead of the new season, but his teammates including cornerback Jaylon Johnson are there to back him up.

Jaylon Johnson defends teammate Justin Fields

In a recent episode of “All Facts No Brakes with Keyshawn Johnson”, Jaylon Johnson frankly opened up about Justin Fields’ situation. From Matt Nagy’s offense to Luke Getsy’s offense, Jaylon discussed how the QB had to adjust with different O-line within a short tenure.

“I think just going in and saying, ‘oh well, just get rid of him, he’s not the answer,’ I don’t think that’s it…he hasn’t had an opportunity to truly be developed yet, but now (is) going on his third coordinator now in his fourth year”, Jaylon told Keyshawn.

The Bears have formidable weapons like DJ Moore, Roschon Johnson, Nate Davis, Darnell Wright, Tyler Scott, and Robert Tonyan. But Johnson thinks his signal-caller needs some more top-level O-line troops to put him in the best position.

“So I think it’s really about that part first and I think you get some dogs around him, some O-line that can consistently hold up, I think a good run game. Receivers, we got DJ (Moore) and we’re building some things on offense but we definitely need more.”

Amid the urge of parting ways with Justin Fields, the Bears CB revealed that the criticism the QB received brought the team closer together.

“I think it made us kind of gel together. We know the truth about Justin. We know the truth about the circumstances that he’s been put in and I think for us we try to go out there and back him up each and every week.”

Besides backing up his QB, Johnson also shed light on his contract situation. He discussed how his caliber on the field has earned him the most lucrative contract at his position in the league.

Justin Fields future at Bears hangs in balance

Following a lackluster 3-14 record last season, the Bears’ struggle continued in the 2013 season as well. The last Week 18 season finale against the Green Bay Packers only intensified the scrutiny, marking a tenth consecutive loss to their rivals and extending Justin Fields’ losing streak to six games.

The Bears’ management is now facing a critical decision with the chance to secure the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL draft. As the USC Trojans QB Caleb Williams has declared for the draft, speculations are rife that the franchise might choose to draft him, potentially signaling a move away from Fields.

Justin Fields
Bears Wire

While some Bears fans and notable analysts like Joy Taylor urged the team to cut Fields, many netizens also rallied on social media to keep him in the upcoming year as well. The Bears’ front office now holds the key to Justin Fields’ future with the team.

Will they give the young quarterback another chance to prove himself in the upcoming season, or will they pivot toward a new direction with the promising prospect of Caleb Williams?


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