NBA’s hefty $50,000 punishment forces Kings’ HC Mike Brown put off his trip with his grandson

Sacramento Kings’ Head Coach Mike Brown is considered to be one of the best coaches in the league right now with his elite play-structuring as well as his ability to connect closely with his players.

Following his recent outburst and antics in Kings’ loss to the Bucks, Brown had to put an hold to the plans he had with his family considering a hefty fine put onto him by the league’s front office.

Massive fine forces Mike Brown to cancel trip with grandson

With the All-Star Game break around the corner, players, coaches and staff tend to take some time off and spend time with their loving families before they embark onto the final stretch of the season.

Mike Brown
Coach Brown was fined heavily for criticizing the game officials publicly via Reuters

However, it doesn’t seem like Kings’ HC Mike Brown will be having the best vacation. Following his recent outburst where he publicly criticized the officiating in the Kings-Bucks game, the coach was handed a 50,000 USD fine by the NBA. The NBA released a statement which said the coach was handed the hefty fine for ‘aggressively pursuing a game official during live play and publicly criticizing the officiating’.

The hefty fine ruined the coach’s holiday plans with his little grandson. When asked about any clarifications regarding the fine, the coach responded in a very light-minded tone saying, “I was gonna take my grandson skiing [in Lake Tahoe], but I called [my wife] and told her we probably won’t be able to it today unless the Ritz Carlton gives me a discount.”

The Kings suffered a gut-wrenching defeat to the Milwaukee Bucks in a game which ended in overtime. The Sacramento-based franchise lost by a single point which added to the fury and agony of Coach Brown.

Why did Mike Brown receive $50K fine from NBA?

According to the statement released by the NBA, Head Coach Mike Brown was punished for his outspoken statements after the game and for his violent reactions to the refereeing during the game.

Sparing no one, Coach Brown, who has coached the likes of legendary stars like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, stood his ground and questioned the disparity and discrepancy shown towards the Kings’ players through the game. Using video evidence, the coach cited to the public multiple instances where the referees were making outlandish decision against the Sacramento Kings, thereby favoring the Bucks who eventually went on to secure victory.

Playing in a very challenging Western Conference, the Kings cannot take any game lightly and will love to have all the momentum on their side before they head into the All-Star break. The team, led by one of the fastest players in the league in De’Aaron Fox has been playing phenomenally all season and will look to dig deep if they do secure a spot in the playoffs, an achievement which they are not far away from.

Mike Brown
The fine prevents the coach from spending a good holiday with his family via Associated Press

The hefty 50K USD fine will truly be disappointing for Coach Brown who was looking forward to spending invaluable time with his grandson and family.

What do you think of Coach Brown’s fine by the NBA? Can the Kings make a deep playoff run? What are their chances this season? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions on the Kings so feel free to comment below.

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