Jazz star Otto Porter Jr. announces retirement after ‘lifelong dream’ accomplished with 11 seasons in NBA

Otto Porter Jr. can easily be categorized as one of those players who failed to live up to their massive potential and stacked background. Coming from a family of serial winners in college and state-level basketball, it was no surprise young Otto took a liking to the b-ball and targeted to make it to the NBA.

His dream was fulfilled when his name was called out third in the 2013 draft and got the chance to live his dream. Porter Jr. has now announced that he will be hanging up his jersey and step away from professional basketball.

Otto Porter Jr. Retires from NBA

Otto Porter Jr. announced his retirement on Monday after an 11-season-long NBA career. Showing gratitude Porter said, “For the past 11 years, I had the chance to live my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.

Continuing to explain why he was calling it quits, the veteran said, “That dream was capped by winning an NBA Championship! Unfortunately, my body is not allowing me to play at the level that I expect of myself, and I have therefore decided to retire.”

The forward started his NBA career after being drafted in 2013 by the Washington Wizards followed by a number of prestigious teams like the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors. His career had taken a blow because of injuries and now that has finally taken its toll.

After being traded to the Utah Jazz in the latest trade window, Porter did not get the opportunity to play a game with the team. He was waived off on the same day of his retirement announcement.

Looking at Otto Porter Jr. NBA career

Otto Porter Jr. entered the league in 2013 after being the third overall pick in the NBA draft. However, he did not get the start he would’ve hoped for as he immediately suffered a hip injury that caused him the initial 18 games of his first season with the Wizards and averaged 2.1 points in his rookie season.

It was followed by a similar performance in the next season, but in 2015-2016 Porter Jr.’s numbers improved significantly and was averaging overall 11.6 points, grabbing 5.2 rebounds.

After spending roughly six seasons with the franchise, the 6’8″ forward was traded to the 6-time Championship winning team, Chicago Bulls. He showed his potential in the beginning scoring a career-high 37 points, but his spell was mostly uninspiring and was eventually traded to the Magic in 2021 after averaging 13.1 points. A couple of months later he joined the Golden State Warriors and won the NBA Championship title with them.

Although he signed a $12.4 million contract with the Toronto Raptors next in 2022, he could not perform due to his foot injury and appeared in only eight games that season averaging 5.5 points, before undergoing surgery.

In 2023-2024, Porter played in 15 games and averaged 2.6 points, 1.9 rebounds and 0.5 assists before finally getting traded to the Utah Jazz in a four-player deal but he did not appear in a single game. His injury-riddled years only knocked him back down when he tried to get up and now finally, he has made peace with his hard luck.

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