Victor Wembanyama addresses Trayce Jackson-Davis’ controversial dunk during Spurs vs Warriors: “I block more often than I get dunked on”

A person unaware of Victor Wembanyama’s raw talent must be living under a giant rock in this day and age. The French sensation, with his lanky 7’4″ frame, has not only put the league on notice but also mastered how to use it for devastating effects.

The Rookie of the Year candidate stands out as the only shining light in the Spurs’ disastrous season. However, even Victor Wembanyama felt the brunt of the one-man show’s falter this time.

Video: Trayce Jackson-Davis brutal slam-dunk on Victor Wembanyama

During the Spurs vs Warriors game at the AT&T Center on Monday, the crowd witnessed something that not many, even in their wildest dreams, could have imagined. In the dying moments of the game, Warriors center Trayce Jackson-Davis drove to the rim and executed a massive poster slam over the defending Victor Wembanyama.

Time stood still as the Warriors rookie soared through the air to drop the hammer, while the crowd held its collective breath. Within a matter of seconds, fans released a collective gasp, met by a jubilant Warriors bench and an astonished Steve Kerr.

The moment quickly went viral on social media, highlighting Wemby’s shortcomings rather than the brilliance of Jackson-Davis. The Warriors made easy work of the basement boys with a 112-102 win, keeping their playoff hopes alive in the process.

Victor Wembanyama talks on controversial dunk

Speaking about the viral moment after the game, Victor Wembanyama was quick to dismiss it as a major setback. The Frenchman took the dunk sportingly, saying, “Getting dunked on is nothing, it’s part of the game. I dunk on a lot of people and a lot of people dunk on me, too. But I think I block more often than I get dunked on, so that’s positive.”

The dunk has since come under a lot of scrutiny on social media, as the camera shot from above the rim shows TJD impeding Wemby’s blocking hand before creating an opening to put the ball through the net. While it could have easily been called for a foul, no protest from Wembanyama or the Spurs bench occurred at the time.

Despite the controversy, Victor Wembanyama again led the Spurs’ scoring chart with 27 points on the night, accompanied by 14 rebounds and 3 assists. This takes his PPG to 20.8 for the season with a healthy 3.4 blocks, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game.

The Spurs center has already surpassed the legendary Michael Jordan in his rookie year and has the chance to break even more records in the remaining days of the regular season. The TJD dunk was just an anomaly in Wembanyama’s impressive debut season. While Wemby does not believe the ROTY race is over, he has shown enough signs in his early days to meet his sky-high potential.

The Spurs will take on the Rockets on March 12 at Frost Bank Center hoping for a positive end-of-season run.

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