Jets QB Aaron Rodgers’ ManningCast microphone issue prompts hilarious trolls from NFL fans: “ESPN is censoring him”

After building an 18-season stellar resume filled with record-breaking accolades, Aaron Rodgers harbored a wish to allow another team and city to witness his dynasty. Hence, he chose the New York Jets as the perfect destination and started a rejuvenated stint in the Big Apple this season.

Unfortunately, his new chapter gifted him a major misfortune, forcing him to be sidelined for the whole season with a season-ending Achilles injury. Meanwhile, his life appears to have been consistently marred by off-field troubles, which have once again come to the forefront, casting a shadow over both his NFL career and personal life.

Aaron Rodgers’ mic dysfunction on ManningCast

In spite of being a hot topic for the season-ending injury, Aaron Rodgers stunned the football world with a quick road of recovery. Soon after getting clearance from his doctors, he instantly made his appearance known to his team, joining them in the locker room and coming to enjoy almost all of the Jets game to cheer them up.

Meanwhile, as he has not yet obtained a green card to play, the 39-year-old has remained actively involved in all football-related matters, in addition to focusing on his own team. During their alternating analysis of the San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings game on Monday night’s ManningCast, Rodgers was joined by Peyton and Eli Manning, per Sportskeeda.

While both Mannings were enjoying uninterrupted service, the four-time MVP encountered a stroke of bad luck. During the commentary session, as he was speaking, his microphone experienced some sound issues. A-Rod was seen saying a lot, but only a few of his words were clearly audible.

Both Peyton and Eli seemed to be trying to understand Rodgers’ words, but they, like the NFL fans, probably also struggled to do so.

NFL fans hilariously trolls Aaron Rodgers’ ManningCast microphone issue

The microphone mishap provided an unexpected dose of comic relief for the former Green Bay Packers player. Fans quickly took to social media to share their amusement while throwing some sly jabs at the player.

As you can see from the clip, the incident was quite unfortunate, prompting some fans to make a connection to the San Francisco 49ers. They may believe that the team could be involved in this incident, perhaps casting a spell on the Jets’ hero to make him stop making fun while also ending the 49ers’ losing streak.

“Proof the 49ers used black magic on him,” one netizen’s comment.

While one fan blamed ESPN rather than the 49ers for gifting Aaron Rodgers this awful experience, saying “ESPN is censoring him”.

The Jet’s offensive leader was bold, expressing his disgust for vaccines while the Americans were trembling in fear for COVID-19, prompting the fans to drag out the issue for which he recently trolled Travis Kelce, mentioning him as, “Mr. Pfizer”.

“Aaron Rodgers audio feed sounded like it doesn’t believe in vaccines or Bluetooth,” one fan commented.

Reportedly, the issue was later fixed, and Rodgers was also able to let Peyton and Eli understand his word before sacrificing some moments for a memorable experience.

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