NFL fans roast Jets QB Aaron Rodgers after Chiefs “Mr. Pfizer” Travis Kelce responds to his COVID-19 vaccination joke

The New York Jets vs Kansas City Chiefs topped in the most watch-listed NFL game so far this season, proving the level of interest of the fans in seeing Aaron Rodgers healing from his season-ending injury and in the ongoing dating rumors of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. In that nail-biting game, the Jets fell short to the Chiefs in a close loss.

Though the Jets could not win the night, they won Rodgers’ heart as following the match he adamantly revealed it by throwing a sarcastic nickname “Mr. Pfizer” to Kelce in the Pat McAfee show. Nevertheless, the NFL fans as well as Kelce himself remained quick to respond to the hilarious nickname.

Travis Kelce responds to Aaron Rodgers’ “Mr. Pfizer” joke

Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce were on different ships during the war of COVID-19. A-rod purportedly skipped the vaccine for allergy issues while Travis worked with Pfizer company to promote immunization and educate the public about the benefits of getting vaccinated against the virus Hence, the Chiefs vs Jets play gifted the Chiefs hero this sarcastic name from the four-time MVP.

Nevertheless, the Chiefs’s tight end loved the 39-year-old’s given name as the nickname assisted him in having a bit of fun with Aaron and himself. Referring to Jets owner Woody Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, Kelce threw a sly jab at Rodgers mentioning the vaccine war against Rodger’s team owner. 

“I thought it was pretty good. I mean, with the ‘stache right now, I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer. Who knew I’d get into a vax war with Aaron Rodgers, man. Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson & Johnson family over there, ”  Kelce said in an interview at the Chiefs’ facility.

On the Pat McAfee show, AR8 also criticized the Chiefs’ superstar Patrick Mahomes as his play could not attract his eyes while praising the Jets for being able to keep Kelce under pressure during the whole night.

NFL community making fun of Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

During his tenure with the Green Bay Packers, apart from his athletic prowess, Aaron Rodgers garnered negative attention for some of his activities, and being unvaccinated during the pandemic was an illustrious one. 

Even the reporters fell for the famous quarterback’s hoax when he claimed to be “immunized”. Although it has been two years since that incident, the fans have not forgotten it, and because of his most recent nickname for Kelce, he has once again become the poster boy for criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Travis Kelce letting everyone know Mr. Pfizer is here to stay. Aaron Rodgers is a disappointment,” one netizen commented.

Some fans also raised questions about Rodgers’ questionable choices regarding his health, hinting at his darkness retreat before joining the Jets, and also bashed him for raising questions on Kelce’s playing prowess.

“If you’re out for the season after making a number of well publicized and questionable choices about your own health, seems prudent not to criticize another player who is faring quite well with his health choices (including being vaccinated), no?,” one comment read.

Following the pandemic war, Kelce was able to include a pile of achievements in his resume, in contrast, the Jets offensive leader lag behind. Hence, a fan did not mince words to let Aaron remember his accolades after COVID-19 in comparison to Kelce while also not forgetting to mention the dating rumors of Kelce and Taylor Swift.

“Since taking the vaccine, Travis Kelce has won the Super Bowl, been an all pro twice, and is currently dating the most famous woman on the planet. Since refusing to take the vaccine Rodgers started doing drugs in dark holes, got really into podcasts and tore his Achilles,” one fan wrote.

What’s your take on this ongoing cold war among the netizens regarding Aaron Rodgers’ shot on Kelce?

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