Jimmy Garoppolo set to make triumphant return to Raiders’ starting lineup after suffering a scary injury vs Patriots

The Las Vegas Raiders were forced to kick off the season with Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback they did not even intend to add to their roster as a backup QB. Hence, every game is seemingly a challenge for the starter and proof of his worthiness to sustain the starter job.

Nevertheless, in his debut season in Las Vegas, Garoppolo has become a topic of the town due to his back-to-back injuries, forcing him to be benched in two games. As concerns are growing high regarding his participation in Week 8, the Raiders team came out with positive news to lead their fans to expect a bounce-back win after a terrible loss last week. 

 Garoppolo receives the green light to lead team against Lions

The Raiders know the level of significance Jimmy Garoppolo has in leading their offense, something they understood pretty well during their loss to the Chicago Bears as he missed the game. Fortunately, after missing the Bears game, Garoppolo is “good to go” for the Raiders battle against the Detroit Lions.

Following his full participation yesterday and being able to take part in every practice session this week, the Raiders team approved their quarterback to join in Week 8. per head coach Josh McDaniels, the first-year quarterback is as fit as his other teammates.

The head coach assured that besides physical fitness, Jimmy is also fully motivated in his way to assist the Raiders with the necessary offensive power that they are lacking now, soon after taking the field.

“He’s much the same as everyone else is. He didn’t play last week, but he wants to get us headed in the right direction and start doing some things we haven’t been doing as well better.”, he said regarding his QB. “Good leadership, good energy at practice, good execution, working with everybody across the board and just really trying to put our focus where it needs to be and have good days, stack ’em this week and hopefully finish with a good one today in the red zone, some of our work down there in the scoring area.”

After five games of this season, the former New England Patriots player tossed 100 of 147 passes for 1,079 yards, seven touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

 A back injury sent Jimmy Garoppolo to hospital

During the Raider’s 21-17 win over the New England Patriots in Week 6, Jimmy Garoppolo injured his back after a field goal drive. The quarterback was hurt so much, and it was obvious when he attended to the medical trainer.

He then took his way to the locker room under his own power, leaving the Raiders leading, 13-3. Soon after benching him, the Raiders ruled him out of the game.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Per NFL.com, the Raiders sent Jimmy Garoppolo to a local hospital which was revealed by Josh McDaniels following the game. McDaniels stated that it was just for learning the severity of the injury and till then he was unaware of any latest update.

“I know he (Garoppolo) left, and everybody knows that he left. They are just doing tests you know and making sure they take care of all that stuff. I do not have an update on Jimmy.”

Prior to this injury, the franchise quarterback suffered a concussion during a Week 3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, driving him to miss his team’s Week 4 game. Hopefully, with their promising quarterback, the Raiders team also will pull out a sound victory over the Lions in their upcoming contest. 

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