Joe Burrow shares honest opinion on 49ers QB Brock Purdy’s ‘game manager’ tag

With quarterback Joe Burrow expressing his desire to be the greatest player in the world at the beginning of the season, the Cincinnati Bengals had high expectations for him. However, these hopes were dashed when Burrow’s promising start was cut short by a wrist injury, putting an end to speculations of potential MVP accolades for the season.

Now, with ample time to observe other teams’ games, Burrow, who recently blasted the NFL refs, has turned his attention to players like Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Burrow talks about Brock Purdy’s playstyle

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Robin Lundberg, Joe Burrow shared insights about the 49ers’ last-round pick from the previous season, Brock Purdy, regarding his “game manager” tag. While “game manager” is generally used for criticizing a player, the Bengals’ star emphasized the importance of being a proficient “game manager” as a quarterback

The Bengals’ starter stressed the significance of a quarterback managing the game effectively to ensure the offense operates seamlessly.

“You better be a game manager as a quarterback, otherwise it’s gonna go haywire immediately and you’re not gonna be able to operate the offense,” Burrow said. 

Though the 49ers have offensive weapons like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and Brandon Aiyuk around them, Burrow expressed confidence that Purdy would reveal his skills without relying heavily on support from his teammates in the Super Bowl.

“Brock has made tons of plays with his legs outside of the structure of the offense. All you gotta do is go watch the tape and you see that Brock is playing at a high level.”

Meanwhile, the 49ers hero himself is poised to do so, as he boldly claimed to take early control against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl final to materialize his dream of upsetting Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Brock Purdy’s performance in 49ers road to Super Bowl

Brock Purdy’s performance as a starting quarterback in his first full season surpassed all expectations, proving that he is far from irrelevant. He truly stood out as a standout performer for the 49ers. His stats for the season are quite impressive, with 4,280 passing yards, 31 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

His defining moment came in a crucial matchup against the Detroit Lions, where he sealed a remarkable 34-31 comeback victory. Though he faced a challenging first half, he completed 13 of 16 passes in the second half while accumulating 267 passing yards and 48 rushing yards.

Purdy’s postseason debut in the wild-card round against the Seattle Seahawks also solidified his impact, as he finished it with 18-of-30 completions, 332 passing yards, three touchdowns, and a rushing score, per ESPN.

His exceptional performances throughout the season became a defining characteristic, despite the rumors surrounding concussions. One notable moment occurred during the game against the Washington Commanders, where he achieved an impressive passer rating of 124.7. This achievement placed him among the most distinguished players, as he became only the fifth player in NFL history to achieve a rating of 120+ in eight or more games in a single season.

As Purdy enters his second season, he remains focused on achieving his Super Bowl dream. With his exceptional talent and determination, 49ers fans can expect him to lead the team to even greater success in the upcoming season.

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