Joe Flacco Trade Rumors: AFC team desperate for QB showed interest in signing the quarterback

The 2023–24 NFL season was one of the most topsy-turvy seasons in recent history. Throughout the year, we had franchises moving up and down the ranks, finding their feet, and losing their grip as the business end of the season drew closer. However, one team in particular that got going in the latter stages of the season was the Cleveland Browns.

For their exemplary displays in the final few games, the Browns faithful must thank veteran QB Joe Flacco. His leadership and experience came to fire at a crucial stage for the team when injuries and suspensions dealt them a bad hand. Now that the season has drawn to a close and free agency is near, there are rumors surrounding Flacco’s move to some of the bigger franchises in the country.

Patriots reportedly expressed interest in QB Joe Flacco

Receiving the Comeback Player of The Year award in the twilight of your career is an incredible achievement in itself. But receiving the award only after starting five games for a franchise speaks to the impact Joe Flacco has had on the Cleveland Browns. Now that the free agency window is upon us, the 39-year-old is looking at greener pastures to ply his trade.

According to sources, the New England Patriots are looking to rope in Joe Flacco after their dismal end to the season, which saw the ouster of legendary coach Bill Belichick. It is speculated that the Pats will look to draft in fresh blood this year and hire Joe Flacco for immediate starting duties and tutelage.

As soon as the news hit social media, Browns’ faithful around the country started to talk about how important Flacco was to their team. One user echoed the sentiment by saying, “Nah bro Flacco feels right at home as a Brown, or at least much more than Deshaun ever could.”

What is Browns’ plan for Joe Flacco’s NFL future?

Since he was pivotal in the Cleveland Browns’ performances this past season, the front office is really keen on keeping him around for the 2024 season as well. Especially after Deshaun Watson’s ghastly shoulder injury, the outfit has a dearth of experienced QBs who can take the mantle of the team at the drop of a hat.

The Browns’ general manager, Andrew Berry, recently waxed lyrical about the CPOY. According to ESPN, he said, “”Joe, he played winning football for us,” Berry said. “He did a great job of coming in and really playing at a high level. … I believe that backup quarterback really is a top-30 position on the roster.”

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