“Rebirth of Kurt Angle”: Chad Gable earns massive praise from WWE legend

Chad Gable shocked the WWE Fans when he turned on Sami Zayn on RAW after WrestleMania 40. Gable snatched Zayn from the embrace of his wife at ringside and proceeded to hand the victor a brutal beatdown that ended with an ankle lock from through the middle rope. On multiple occasions, Chad Gable has been referred to as the Kurt Angle of this generation and that claim finally received the seal of approval from the man himself, Kurt Angle.

During a live Q&A session on his “Kurt Angle Show” channel, the Olympic gold medalist responded to a question about Chad Gable. He said, “Well listen, the Kurt Angle formula worked the first time, the Kurt Angle formula will work today. I have been watching Chad and he’s doing a lot of actions that Kurt Angle used to do, different characteristics, different facial expressions, taking off his singlet before he does his finish. He’s been doing the Angle Slam, the Ankle Lock, so I feel like this is a rebirth of Kurt Angle.”

The former World champion added further that he thinks Gable is doing a tremendous job and has stepped up his game recently. Angle even doubted if he could’ve done as well as Chad Gable. Angle has been compared with many WWE stars over the years but it was clear from the Hall of Famer’s statement that Chad Gable is the next closest wrestler to Kurt Angle.

After his recent Heel turn, Chad Gable is now aiming to claim the Intercontinental title from Sami Zayn with determination like never before.

Chad Gable vows to claim IC title from Zayn

Last week on RAW, the Alpha Academy came out with their headmaster, Chad Gable. The 2012 Pan-American Championships gold medalist then went on to berate each of his subordinates for their failures and set a goal for them moving forward, which is to help him succeed no matter what.

Gable took to social media to share the same motto with his Alpha Academy members behind him in a picture. This signifies that he is now the focal point of the group, and only he matters, only his success matters.

Ahead of the 2024 WWE Draft on SmackDown, this could be their last segment together, as the draft might break up the academy to set Gable alone on his path to the championship. If that happens, he might take a page out of Kurt Angle’s book and form his version of “Team Angle”. But that’s only a theory, as the possibilities are endless, and it all starts on SmackDown this week.


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