Jurgen Klopp provides bizarre solution to end Liverpool-Tottenham controversy following VAR blunder

The match between Liverpool and Tottenham that took place a few days ago is still on the minds of every Premier League fan. Due to a wrong decision by the VAR officials, a goal was wrongly put offside for Liverpool, leading them to lose 2-1. Manager Jurgen Klopp himself was fuming after the game, asking for explanations.

After the mistake was revealed to be due to ‘human error’, many wanted to see the controversial match be redeemed for Liverpool in some way. Jurgen Klopp himself has now found a solution, which is quite unprecedented.

Jurgen Klopp: His solution to the Liverpool-Tottenham controversy

Obviously, many fans are angry that Liverpool lost all three points due to the officials’ mistake. Many have called for something to be done to rectify the disastrous match.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is one of them and has asked for a rather unheard solution. He believes that the whole match needs to be replayed. According to BBC Sport, he said, “I think the only outcome for Tottenham-Liverpool game should be a replay. It probably won’t happen. I think it is so unprecedented it didn’t happen before.”

When asked if the club would consider asking the league for a replay, he said everything needs to be scrutinized more. “At this stage we are still going through the information we have.”

It is widely thought that a replay is out of the question, and it has never occurred in the history of the league. Only once in 1999 did Arsenal have a replay against Sheffield United after they won under controversial circumstances. It was only because of then-manager Arsene Wenger’s offer to do so.

If Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou does the same, there could be a prospect of a replay being considered. As of now, it is simply not being considered, aside from Jurgen Klopp.

Update on Liverpool-Tottenham saga after VAR audio release

The controversial saga took another twist yesterday after the PGMOL released the audio records of the wrongful offside call. It was done after Liverpool formally requested the referee’s governing body to do so.

Jurgen Klopp

The audio proved that the two VAR officials, Darren England and Dan Cook, had mistaken the on-field decision by the referee to award a goal. So when they wanted to inform them that it was not offside, they said, ‘Check complete’ as is the rule to say that it was not offside. But since the on-field decision was that the goal was offside, pitch referee Simon Hooper nullified the goal due to offside.

The audio also shows Darren England quickly realizing his mistake, and when asked if they could stop the game, he said it’s not possible. The rules dictate that play cannot be stopped after an offside VAR check. The two VAR referees have already been suspended for their next games.

It is clear that the VAR rules and regulations need a big change, as this season alone there have been a lot of mistakes. Jurgen Klopp himself has asked this question on numerous occasions. It remains to be seen what course of action Liverpool takes next.

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