Kendrick Perkins establishes his LeBron James GOAT theory over one sole criteria, earning vehement fan disapproval

The GOAT debate in the world of basketball has been controversial for quite some time, with two individuals spearheading the discussion. LeBron James and Michael Jordan have been two of the most popular choices considered to be the GOAT of basketball.

While many fans support LeBron, there is an equal, if not larger, number of supporters backing MJ. Recently, former NBA player Kendrick Perkins shared his reasoning for considering LeBron as the GOAT, and his take on the debate has not been well-received by fans.

Perkins states sole reason for choosing LeBron as GOAT

Kendrick Perkins has played his fair share of NBA ball and now is actively seen as a sports analyst for ESPN. He has played for some of the biggest teams in the league and is well-respected in the community. So when he gives out his take on the GOAT debate, it is sure to cause some turmoil among the fans.

Perkins recently shared his opinion on LeBron James concerning the GOAT status on the First take and said, “This is why LeBron James is the GOAT. Because your GOAT was not doing this at 38 years of age.”

Perkins credited LeBron’s longevity as the reason for declaring him the GOAT. He then emphasized how everyone has been searching for a new face of the league to surpass LeBron’s throne but has been unable to do so because LeBron James is still playing at an elite level. He reinforced this point with LeBron’s recent performance against the Clippers. While Perkins’ opinion on LeBron holds some relevance, it hasn’t been well-received by fans.

Fans vehemently disagree with the analyst

The fans are not taking the words of Kendrick Perkins very lightly. The reaction on social media platforms is crazy and the fans are putting out arguments against the reasoning presented by Perkings.

One fan commented, “ Face of league has nothing to do with being the goat! And please Tim Duncan won a Chip at what 37? His 5th one! He is gotta be the goat! Y’all sit down somewhere, please! This man has one 30-something-point game and he’s the GOAT! You’re delusional Perk! You and all the Bronnies! Plus the only reason why this comes up is y’all! Jordan is the Goat and Bron ain’t even number 2! The chicken already coming home to roost!”

LeBron James
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Another fan commented, “ My Goat had already won everything your Goat is still chasing at that age, of course, longevity stats are going to look better.”

LeBron James
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While another fan pointed out that LeBron is still in the league because he is still chasing accolades. He commented, “ Year 21 + still trying to make a case for Bron being the Goat= He Ain’t The GOAT!!!! ”

LeBron James
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This was bound to happen at some point, as whenever a veteran or a legend comments on the GOAT debate and takes the side of either LeBron James or MJ, the other faction retaliates vigorously. However, LeBron’s career hasn’t ended yet, and there is no denying that he is still performing at an elite level at an age when most athletes retire. So, the debate has not been settled yet.

What do you think of Kendrick Perkins’ opinion on the GOAT debate supporting LeBron James? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments below and let us know.

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