Kevin Durant shares his candid thoughts on load management policy for NBA 2023-24 season

With players’ health and well-being being a top priority in the league, the NBA has long recognized the importance of load management to prevent injuries and maximize performance. Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant opened up about his thoughts on the load management policy for the upcoming NBA 2023-24 season.

As he looks forward to making his Suns’ debut, KD shared his bold and somewhat unconventional stance on the new PPP regulations ahead of the 2023-24 season. Fans have taken his words positively but still, there are concerns regarding the power forward with the team’s tightly packed game schedule.

Kevin Durant reveals his position on load management

NBA superstar Kevin Durant took a bold stand on load management, emphasizing his disregard for injury concerns over the course of an 82-game season. As KD expressed his firm belief that trying to prevent injuries or keeping players off the court does more harm than good. He also emphasized his desire to simply be allowed to play the game he loves.

Durant’s outspoken comments shed light on his unconventional approach to load management. Acknowledging the inevitability of injuries, he emphasized the need to accept that “Some sh*t is going to happen”. Durant continued saying, “You try to prevent me from being injured or being out there, I honestly don’t know what good that does. Just let me play,”

Durant’s perspective challenges the growing trend of load management that has gained momentum in recent years, as teams and players aim to prevent the toll of a grueling season on their bodies. While critics argue that minimizing player workload reduces injury risk and enhances performance for crucial moments, Durant remains resolute in his disregard for such precautions.

As the NBA continues to grapple with the issue of load management, Durant’s bold stance has brought a unique perspective to the table. Whether his perspective shapes the future of load management in basketball or sparks further debate, one thing is certain: Durant is determined to play the game on his own terms, injury concerns notwithstanding.

Kevin Durant’s longevity is same as LeBron James, Chris Paul

Kevin Durant’s longevity in the NBA is on par with the likes of LeBron James and Chris Paul, despite having endured some horrific injuries in the past. While LeBron James and Chris Paul have been hailed for their impressive careers, Durant is not far behind in terms of maintaining his high-level play as he progresses into the twilight of his career.

Chris Paul, LeBron James and Kevin Durant
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Last season, marking his 15th stint in the NBA, was a testament to Durant’s unwavering skill and talent. Despite being in his 15th year, he put up impressive numbers, averaging 29.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, shooting at an incredible 56% from the field. His impact on the court goes beyond just statistics, as he brings an unparalleled level of leadership and basketball IQ to any team he plays for.

Being a 13-time All-Star, Durant’s impact goes beyond the individual awards. He is known for his ability to elevate the performance of his team, and his contributions will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining how the Suns fare in the competitive Western Conference this season.

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