Kevin Durant’s laughter-inducing revelation of mom’s unlikely crush after moving ahead in NBA all-time scoring list

Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns suffered a defeat in their second game of the 2023-24 season, facing the LeBron James-led LA Lakers. Despite the loss, Durant managed to deliver a remarkable performance, breaking a long-standing scoring record previously held by one of the greatest players in history, Hakeem Olajuwon.

While breaking the scoring record of the retired veteran, Kevin Durant, made a surprising revelation about his mother having a crush on a former Houston Rockets legend, which is sure to intrigue fans and enthusiasts.

Durant’s mom’s funny crush on Hakeem Olajuwon

Following his recent rise to the top of the NBA’s all-time scoring record above Hakeem Olajuwon, he exposed his mother Wanda Durant’s crush on the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets. Durant said, “Olajuwon, my mom had a crush on Olajuwon when I was a kid. So, that’s all I used to hear in the house. It wasn’t Jordan in the house. It was Olajuwon in the house.”

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In a lighthearted revelation, Durant emphasized that, while many households celebrated the iconic Michael Jordan, his home was a unique enclave of Olajuwon enthusiasts because of his mother’s admiration. This childhood experience in Kevin Durant’s past significantly influenced his early basketball interests, motivating him to closely study Olajuwon’s game while growing up.

Despite this charming revelation, Durant is undoubtedly an all-time great himself, known for his extraordinary scoring abilities which helped him win four scoring championships in his career so far. As he embarks on a journey with the Phoenix Suns, Durant aims to clinch his third NBA championship ring, provided that his star teammates, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, maintain their health and performance throughout the season.

Kevin Durant claims 12th spot in NBA all-time scoring list

The future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant pushed himself up to the 12th spot on the NBA’s all-time scoring record. He achieved this feat yesterday night despite a loss to the Lakers. Durant scored as high as 39 points in a highly competitive game.  He showed his skills in the last minutes of the game. He surged to the hoop, scored, and also collided with Austin Reaves on his way to overtaking the great Hakeem Olajuwon.

Kevin Durant
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Durant, reflecting on this achievement, expressed his admiration for Olajuwon’s game and life journey. He also said that he is privileged to be among the top ranks of the greatest players in the basketball game.

With his ability to score points and his steady play, Durant is likely to pass Carmelo Anthony and maybe even Shaquille O’Neal by the end of the season. Interestingly, Kevin Durant needs 3,108 more points to join the elite 30,000-point club.

However, now as the 12th player, KD will continue to pursue both individual scoring records and team success with the Phoenix Suns, setting the stage for an intriguing NBA season ahead.

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