Kevin Garnett makes himself clear with latest Jordan Poole take: “doesn’t belong in the league”

Jordan Poole might be topping the list of the biggest disappointments of the season so far, since his highly praised trade from the Golden State Warriors back in July. Many had expected the young star to flourish, at least to build on his promising on-court achievements while with the Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Poole, struggling with poor on-court display, isn’t just rumored for a trade away from the Washington Wizards, but an NBA legend has harshly tagged him as an NBA misfit.

Garnett believes Jordan Poole “doesn’t belong in the league”

Jordan Poole’s performance so far this season, including his un-applaudable attitude, has earned the anger of NBA legend Kevin Garnett as he stated emphatically that Jordan Poole doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA. Kevin expressed his feelings during a podcast with former Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce and frowned at Poole’s lack of professionalism, which he said has led to his trade from the Golden State Warriors.

A former legend Kevin Garnett says  Jordan Poole doesn’t belong in the league amid looming trade rumor
Jordan Poole Via Getty

Kevin Garnett also expressed his feelings about how Jordan Poole talks to his teammates, and Poole always being bossy in the team. Kevin Garnett stated that while anyone can say whatever they want about him, he had respect for the game and the leadership position, during his time in the NBA.

Jordan Poole in the first month of the new NBA season, has garnered a surprising list of lowlights. He recently, decided to roll the ball down the court, with 3 minutes on the clock in a 10-point game, being aware that the game clock stops when just 2 minutes are left.

Jordan Poole’s attitude of ignoring coaches in timeouts, playing hero ball, and aiming flashy plays, without a team’s game win, has seen his Wizards’ spell being a disappointing one.

Jordan Poole reportedly linked with trade away from Wizards

There are strong reports that Washington Wizards may be considering trading multiple players including Jordan Poole after being recruited last off-season. The news could be a way for the team to search for a possible way of turning their season around after a disappointing 2-11 start to the 2023-2024 campaign.

A former legend Kevin Garnett says  Jordan Poole doesn’t belong in the league amid looming trade rumor
Jordan Poole Via Getty

Gallinari arrived as part of the three-team trade that saw Kristaps Porzingis traded to the Boston Celtics, then Tyus Jones from the Grizzlies, and Marcus Smart moving in the opposite direction. Jordan Poole was acquired in a trade that saw Chris Paul join the Warriors. Also, the Wizards acquired Landry Shamet in a trade from the Phoenix Suns, in exchange for Bradley Beal, Jordan Goodwin, and Isaiah Todd.

While Gallinari has averaged 7.7 points, Jones with 10.3 points, Shamet with 6.8 points, and Poole with 17.1 points as the Wizards’ second-highest scorer, just behind Kyle Kuzma at 23.4 points per game, a lot was still expected from these stars whose signatures evoked a feeling of a bright future for the franchise. Before any possible trade happens, do you think any of these stars can turn their fortune around with the Wizards? Share your view now.

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