76ers Patrick Beverly claims Wizards are absolute “sh*t show” under Jordan Poole’s leadership, emphasizing the lack of NBA vets

Since the trade that sent Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Chris Paul, things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for the former Golden State Warriors player. In fact, according to the Philadelphia 76ers’ Patrick Beverly, the Wizards are an absolute “sh*t show” under Poole’s leadership.

The trade, which also included promising young talent Patrick Baldwin Jr., Ryan Rollins, and draft picks, was expected to bolster the struggling Wizards. However, it seems that the chemistry and cohesion that were anticipated have failed to materialize for Poole and his new teammates.

Patrick Beverly slams Jordan Poole’s Wizards

76ers Patrick Beverley slammed the struggling Washington Wizards, criticizing their performance and calling them a “sh*t show.” The Wizards currently hold a dismal 2-10 record after completely revamping their roster during the offseason.

Wizards' Jordan Poole
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Key players such as Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis were traded away, leaving the team lacking experienced veterans. Beverley, known for his provocative statements, stated on his podcast, the ‘Pat Bev Pod,’ that the Wizards’ immaturity and lack of maturity are evident.

Though calling them a “sh*t show” might be extreme, Beverley’s assessment resonates with the team’s poor performance thus far. The Wizards had hoped for at least some signs of progress, but the lack of veteran leadership is inhibiting their growth. The team’s reliance on young players like Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma poses challenges, as their potential impact is yet to materialize into wins.

A complete turnaround seems highly unlikely for the Wizards this season. It appears they will have to wait several years before witnessing any significant progress. In the meantime, the team must focus on acquiring seasoned players who can guide and stabilize their youthful roster.

Wizards performance in NBA this season

The Washington Wizards have experienced a disappointing start to the 2023–24 NBA season, currently holding a record of 2 wins and 11 losses. Despite their struggles, there have been a few standout performances from individual players within the team.

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Kyle Kuzma, playing as a small forward with jersey number 33, has been a bright spot for the Wizards, averaging 23.5 minutes on the court and shooting at an impressive 46.4% from the field. His consistent scoring ability, with an average of 30.4 points per game, has been one of the team’s few silver linings.

Tyus Jones, the team’s point guard wearing number 5, has been contributing with an average of 4.8 points per game and showcasing his playmaking skills by dishing out 9.8 assists per game while maintaining a low turnover rate of 0.8.

Another key contributor has been Deni Avdija, playing as a small forward with jersey number 9. Avdija has been scoring at an average of 27.3 points per game, shooting an impressive 52.9% from the field. His offensive output of 13.2 points per game has been vital for the Wizards.

However, despite these individual performances, the team as a whole has struggled. Looking at the 2023–24 team stats, the Wizards have averaged 114.1 points per game, 38.9 rebounds per game, and 27.4 assists per game. These numbers are not enough to secure consistent victories.

One glaring issue for the Wizards has been the lack of veteran leadership on the team. The absence of experienced players has impacted their ability to cohesively execute and close out games effectively. As the season progresses, it will be crucial for the Wizards to address this weakness and bring in experienced players who can provide stability and guidance to the team.

While the Washington Wizards have witnessed impressive individual performances from players like Kyle Kuzma, Tyus Jones, and Deni Avdija, the team as a whole has struggled to secure wins. The lack of veteran leadership has been a significant factor in their poor start to the season, and it is essential for the organization to address this issue moving forward. Fans hope that the Wizards can make the necessary adjustments and turn their season around for a more successful future.

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