Klay Thompson’s 4-word message that can lead to ending of Warriors dynasty

With the Golden States Warriors in the chase for a playoff spot, the sole focus has to be firmly plastered on the goal. But things have been difficult for the franchise, and it created even more problems. One such problem is Klay Thompson and the cloud surrounding his future.

After going public over his wish to carve out a Ray Allen career path, Klay Thompson has been seen content with his current team role. But one thing that the Warriors forward did recently has raised even more questions over his Warriors’ allegiance.

Klay Thompson shows love for NY in recent social media update

Klay Thompson recently posted a story on his Instagram handle that has created a lot of buzz among the NBA community indicating a possibility of a move in the next window.

The picture Thompson posted was of himself in the “The Big Apple” with “I love this place” written along with the Statue of Liberty and apple emojis. There have been a lot of speculations going on about his future in the Warriors due to a dip in his performance on the back of back-to-back injuries. With the picture, the NBA star only stirred the situation regarding his future even more.

After the 2023-24 NBA season, Thompson will become a free agent. The picture could be a hint that he is showing interest in moving to the NY Knicks in a post-season move.

Klay Thompson yelled at Steve Kerr over new role

Keeping his place firm in the starting lineup for 727 games when Thompson first received the news that he needed to play as the sixth man on the team, he lost it and yelled at head coach Steve Kerr and some of his assistants. The shooter afterwards apologized for his behavior, revealed the Warriors HC.

Kerr mentioned that it was hard for him to have the conversation with the 34-year-old. The 2016 coach of the year said, “This is maybe the hardest part about getting further away from our prime. It’s just, after 12 years [of Thompson starting], it wasn’t easy.”

Being one of the best coaches in the NBA, he had the maturity to understand where Thompson was coming from, so he advised him, “If you really embrace it, you can help your team win.”

Taking the advice seriously, Thompson gave a phenomenal performance in his new role against the Utah Jazz by scoring 35 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists while shooting at 53.8% from the 3-point range and 59.1% from the field.

After winning the game, the 5-time All-Star said, “You can do two things, you can pout, or you can go out there and respond,” and he has been doing the latter.

Klay Thompson’s future is not certain in the Golden State Warriors, but the sharpshooter is proving himself as a great sixth man with his performances coming off the bench. Thompson has averaged 17.2 points this season along with 2.2 assists and 3.5 rebounds. Only time will tell how Klay Thompson’s story unravels.

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