Lakers LeBron James’ hilarious response to being dubbed “the oldest player in the NBA” prompts fans to go nuts

LeBron James has been a dominant force in the NBA for more than a decade and show no signs of slowing down. The Los Angeles Lakers star has been often ridiculed because of his age in the league. LeBron is 38 years old, an age where most of the professional NBA players call it a day and retire.

However King James has always shown enthusiasm when it comes to playing at an elite level. He has shut down rumours of retirement many times and has clearly expressed his desire to keep playing. And in his usual fashion, LeBron recently responded to him being dubbed as “the oldest player in the NBA” and the fans are absolutely loving it, adding witty replies of their own.

LeBron James’ hilarious response to “the oldest player in the NBA” remark

LeBron James was dubbed as the “oldest player in the NBA” which is somewhat correct. He is 38 years old and is significantly older than most of the rookies who are going to play their rookie season this year. However, King James doesn’t take comments on his age very nicely, he responded to the dubbing with a video where he screamed ridiculously upon listen the headline and then proceeded to perform a high-class dunk showcasing his still elite level skills to shut down the comments.

LeBron is indeed the oldest “active” player playing in the NBA right now. However, this doesn’t mean that he has faded away or is a shadow of his prime self. The LeBron from the Miami Heat days was sure a beast of different level, but with loads of experience now, the current LeBron James is no less than a dangerous veteran. He can still perform at the highest level and despite being 38 years old he has proven to be competitive, and sometimes even better than other 24-year-olds.

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NBA Community go crazy over LeBron James’ reaction

The NBA community is loving LeBron’s reaction and many of them made sure to add in their witty replies along with the King. One fan commented, “#1 in age and #1 in our hearts”, expressing his love for the Lakers star. LeBron arguably has the most decorated career in the entirety of NBA where he has 4 rings under his name and has got a huge pile of individual awards and records to go with it.

Another fan had commented, “Lebron still got the most hops on his team”, emphasizing the fact that LeBron James is still the top scorer for the Los Angeles Lakers and continues to top the scoring charts every season despite his age.

The scream from LeBron was sure hilarious and one fan pointed out that it could become a new meme material. That is surely a possibility given how famous King James is and how much meme creators love hilarious reactions by celebrities, Michael Jordan knows all about it!

What do you think of LeBron James’ response to him being dubbed as the oldest player in the NBA? How many years more do you think King James will play? We are eager to hear you opinion, so drop down in the comments section and share with us.

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