Days after WWE expulsion, Matt Riddle confirms next career step with 2 words

Former WWE superstar Matt Riddle has had his fair share of controversies both inside and outside the company. Although his recent firing from the company during the post-merger layoffs didn’t come off as a surprise, it made sense after taking into account all the incidents surrounding him. In a recent post on social media, Riddle shared a tease for his next career.

Matt Riddle has been involved in a lot of controversies in the past few years, from being accused of sexual assault, to being suspended for taking drugs. Recently, he had a run-in with the police at the JFK airport, which probably served as the final nail in the coffin for his career.

Matt Riddle announces upcoming endeavor

Following his release from WWE last month, Matt Riddle has shared an update on his possible future endeavors. The King of Bros. shared an Instagram post where he initially teased his upcoming project. He reposted an Instagram post, where he said that he was launching his own cannabis strain, with “Riddle OG” stamped on it.

As of now, it looks like Matt Riddle won’t be returning to the world of professional wrestling anytime soon. Prior to his firing from WWE, he was also let go from the UFC. Now that both companies have merged, it doesn’t look like The King of Bros. will be returning to either promotion in the future. He might have a future in the independent circuit, but considering his history, it’s not entirely plausible that another promotion will be entirely willing to work with him.

Riddle filmed drunk at airport prior to WWE cut

Prior to his infamous incident at JFK Airport, Matt Riddle was involved in a possible team-up with Drew McIntyre. However, he was pulled from WWE programming as soon as news of his recent controversy surfaced. A video of Riddle’s behavior at the airport was recently released by TMZ, which provides a clearer perspective of what went down that day.

Matt Riddle

It was initially reported that apparently Riddle accused a police officer of sexual assault at the JFK airport. It was later revealed that the authorities did in fact confront the WWE superstar at the airport after they had heard complaints of Riddle behaving in a disorderly fashion.

It was also seen in the video that Riddle further continued his obnoxious behavior as he grabbed the mic at the front desk and delivered some obscene remarks. This led to the police being called, which created further drama. He was eventually denied the right to board the flight and allowed to leave without pressing any charges. However, this incident proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Matt Riddle, as he was soon released by WWE.

It will be interesting to see where Matt Riddle eventually goes in the future. There were rumors of some companies possibly being interested in him, but nothing is confirmed as of now. Stay tuned to get further updates on WWE.


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