Lakers’ LeBron James made a stylish arrival to the Lakers game with a glass of wine in 2018

Injuries often provide players with the much-needed opportunity to ease the stress of hectic schedules and strategize for the future while focusing on recovery. LeBron James, a multiple NBA championship winner, has already established himself as a basketball legend.

In 2018, it appeared that this year allowed “The King” to unwind and make future plans during his time on the sidelines. He did so with style, as he was spotted with a cup of wine just before the LA Clippers game.

LeBron takes stylish entrance to new heights

LeBron James enjoys his life to the fullest. After injuring his groin on Christmas Day and learning that he’d miss the upcoming games, the Lakers’ star made the most of his time off the court as he stylishly arrived at the Staples Center. He shared his excitement about upcoming movies on Twitter, won a prestigious award, and quietly recruited potential future teammates.

LeBron James
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A tweet from Chris Palmer with the caption “GOAT debate is officially over. This is next level” shows LeBron entering to watch a match in an unusual way. The most convincing evidence of King James enjoying his break from the court emerged on Friday night, just before his team’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Cameras captured James arriving at the Staples Center with a glass of wine in his hand.

However, no one could say actually what was in James’ glass, but judging by the liquid’s color and James’ appreciation for fine wine, it’s a safe bet that he was sipping a smooth Merlot, Shiraz, or something of that sort. The LA Clippers eventually emerged victorious that night with a 118-107 victory over the LA Lakers.

LeBron James tosses chalk as a pregame ritual

Usually, NBA players use chalk to enhance their grip, preventing sweat and slipping. In LeBron James’ situation, he may have been inspired by his idol Michael Jordan, which could be the origin of this habit for the Lakers’ superstar. Although Jordan’s chalk toss wasn’t widely discussed or acknowledged, the legend used to playfully apply powder to Johnny Kerr’s face as a pregame ritual during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

MJ mentioned that this ritual began as a “just for fun” gesture which surprisingly turned into a good luck charm. LeBron James also claps his hands after releasing chalk into the air, but it seems he doesn’t “remember the first time I started it — when I started to do it — but I felt the fans start to embrace it,” James added, “I started to really set my mind and get focused on what was at task when I started to do it.”

LeBron James
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Throughout James’ career, this ritual has gained popularity among fans nationwide and has been featured in numerous Nike advertising campaigns. There were times in the King’s career when he didn’t perform the chalk toss, especially after the 2014 season.

He even once polled fans about whether he should revive it, and the response was a resounding “yes.” LeBron reinstated it when he joined the Los Angeles team and continued the tradition, even doing it before entering a game as a substitute during the 2022-23 season.

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