LeBron James cryptic post sends shockwaves throughout the NBA universe: “Scary hours in LA”

The Los Angeles Lakers are not in a good place in terms of team chemistry or basketball performance. With the team crumbling day by day, it is certain that some change is necessary for the team to succeed and proceed further in the standings.

A few hours after the Lakers’ loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Lakers superstar LeBron James, who is known for his candid opinions and views, took to social media platform Twitter to post a cryptic message, which has left fans wondering what the basketball legend intended with his tweet.

LeBron James shares cryptic post after Hawks loss

Soon after the tiresome Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Atlanta Hawks by double figures, superstar LeBron James did not mince words regarding the Lakers’ abysmal situation which has handicapped them completely.

LeBron James
Lebron James took to Twitter to post a cryptic message via Getty Images

The team, which has a record of 24-25, has been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league, placing them in standstill motion in the standings. In just a few days, the team overcame all limitations to beat the Golden State Warriors, following exceptional performances by LeBron James, D’Angelo Russell, and Anthony Davis. However, right after their inspirational victory, the team lost all sense of momentum, losing back-to-back games to the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks, dropping the Lakers back to where they were trying to climb from.

A few hours after the game, the King took to Twitter to post a cryptic message about an hourglass, which left fans interpreting the message in many different manners.

With little to no context of the message, it is unknown what the basketball legend meant by his message.

Fans try to decipher LeBron James’s post

LeBron James’ cryptic tweet has sent fans crazy, with many trying to decrypt the star’s message.

LeBron James
Fans were clueless as to what LeBron meant with his posts via Associated Press

Many fans believe that the star wrote the message signaling the departure of Lakers HC Darvin Ham, a move that would bring much joy to the fans of the Purple and Gold. Others commented that the four-time champion was teasing the signing of another superstar, possibly the likes of a reunion with James’ former teammate Kyrie Irving.

One fan questioned the possibility of a new coach asking, “Are we getting a new coach?”

Another fan commented on the situation saying, “Scary hours in LA.”

Another LeBron fanatic celebrated the potential exit of HC Darvin Ham, “ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE HAM GETS FIRED.”

The departure of Darvin Ham? The signing of a new superstar? The King’s tweet has caused widespread confusion, and fans are eager to understand what the superstar meant with his tweet.

What do you think LeBron James meant with his tweet? Will the Lakers fire Darvin Ham? Will the team sign a new superstar? We are eager to know what you think of Lebron’s tweet, so feel free to comment below.

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