LeBron James shares honest feelings on 76ers star Tyrese Maxey: “Love this kid”

Tyrese Maxey’s talent has not really been hidden since he was drafted in 2020 by the Philadelphia 76ers. His game time was limited due to the franchise having James Harden on their roster. However, after a fallout with the Sixers, Harden was traded to the Clippers. The deal seems to be the opportunity Tyrese Maxey has always been waiting for.

Maxey has shown he can lead the 76ers to victories in the absence of MVP Joel Embiid. His work ethic has not gone unnoticed in the games he’s played. Maxey’s talent has attracted LeBron James who shares a unique feeling about the lad.

LeBron James hails Tyrese Maxey

LeBron James isn’t one to praise casually. The seasoned 21-year veteran, however, doesn’t shy away from acknowledging those he deems deserving. Following the Philadelphia 76ers’ decisive victory over James and the Lakers with a score of 138-94, LeBron had commendations for the rising star, Tyrese Maxey.

Laker super star LeBron James shares honest and unique feelings on 76ers star Tyrese Maxey saying “Love this kid”
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Even in the face of his worst defeat, James took a moment to appreciate Maxey’s talents. On his Instagram stories, LeBron shared a video of Maxey discussing the impact he has had on him, adding his own words to express admiration for the young guard. LeBron James wrote, “Love this kid, man! The work never lie, and that’s why he’s so damn good!! And, more importantly, he’s a better person, which is insane!!”.

James particularly lauded Maxey for his strong work ethic, indicating high hopes for the young player’s potential. Maxey has been performing exceptionally well this season, boasting an average of 26.6 points per game, ranking 11th in the league. His shooting percentages are impressive too, with 46.0 percent from the field, 40.3 percent from 3-point range, and an 89.5 percent success rate from the free-throw line.

Not just a scorer, Maxey has taken on more ball-handling responsibilities, showcasing his playmaking abilities with an average of 6.9 assists per game, placing him 10th in the NBA in assists. With such a stellar performance, Maxey is on track for an All-Star selection and could potentially secure a spot on his first All-NBA team.

Tyrese Maxey loves LeBron James work ethic

Tyrese Maxey played a pivotal role in the 76ers’ remarkable 44-point triumph over LeBron James and the Lakers, showcasing his ongoing breakout season. After the game, Maxey shared insights into his relationship with LeBron, recounting a lighthearted workout story where King James was determined not to let Maxey beat him to the gym.

Laker super star LeBron James shares honest and unique feelings on 76ers star Tyrese Maxey saying “Love this kid”
Tyrese Maxey Via Getty

Maxey revealed that LeBron James had been joining him in the gym past 5:30, even though the scheduled time was 6:00. On a particular day, Maxey tried to get there earlier than usual, but LeBron, it turns out, was already there by 5:00. “When I walked in, he was in a full sweat. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He was like, ‘I can’t let you beat me to the gym.’ And I was like, ‘You’re insane.’”

Maxey went further to comment on LeBron James’ work ethic in his 21st career season, saying, “The numbers, everything speaks for itself. He’s also someone who’s really good at basketball. His work ethic now (in Year 21) hasn’t slowed down. He’s still trying to beat me to the gym.” Tyrese Maxey recollects that LeBron James has four MVPs alongside four Finals MVPs, and his accolades are through the roof.

Yet, he still demonstrates the passion and wants to beat him to the gym. In the midst of their friendly competition, Maxey showcased a remarkable performance on the court, taking the lead with 31 points and eight assists. He openly admired King James’ unwavering work ethic, emphasizing the NBA legend’s drive even in his 21st season.

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