LeBron James supports Jason Kidd after Mavs HC’s unfiltered response to ESPN reporter

LeBron James has earned the recognition of the league’s most prominent figures since his introduction into the NBA. LeBron, who has played for the most championship-winning team in the league while sharing the court with some high-profile players, is known to maintain good relationships with most top officials and players in those teams.

King James has recently thrown weight behind NBA coach Jason Kidd after an outburst with reporters in which the coach had to ditch hot comments during a press briefing.

Jason Kidd’s rant gets LeBron James’ stamp of approval

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd had a sore moment with members of the media, after Tuesday’s 121-115 victory over the Rockets. Journalist Tim McMahon was the main reporter involved in the heated incident. Following the fiasco, LeBron James threw support for Jason Kidd on Platform X.

Lakers star LeBron James gives supports to Jason Kidd after Mavs HC's angry response to ESPN reporter
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LeBron James reposted Jason Kidd’s video of him addressing the media members, in which he added brief comments as well.

LeBron said since the time he has known Kidd, the HC isn’t known to curse, and added that his reaction arose from him being annoyed on the same topic. LeBron concurred with Kidd’s statement, expressing deep affection for him.

“For J to curse you know he wasn’t happy at all! I don’t think I ever heard him curse. I mean from competing vs him, teaming up with him, and playing for him. Never! He was HOT and quite frankly RIGHT!! Love J Kidd!”

LeBron and Kidd have a long history together, in 2008, the duo were part of the USA Team “Redeem Team,” when the team clinched the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Again, the duo met at the Lakers, when Kidd joined as an assistant coach, and LeBron was the star of the team. LeBron recently throwing support for Kidd, has fueled the existing rumor that Kyrie Irving has plans to talk LeBron to joining the Mavericks next season when he becomes a free agent.

Kidd makes a swift exit after verbal spat with reporter

Following the Dallas Mavericks’ victory over the Rockets, their record improved to 11-6 for the season. The duo of Doncic and Irving combined for a stunning 68 points, and they scored 23 of the team’s 37 points in the fourth quarter to clinch the victory.

Lakers star LeBron James gives supports to Jason Kidd after Mavs HC's angry response to ESPN reporter
LeBron James Via Getty

During Jason Kidd’s presser, ESPN’s Tim McMahon asked Kidd about the thriving nature of the duo of Irving and Doncic this season. Kidd, then angrily cited the lack of media coverage on the Mavericks’ success this season, as they covered it when the Mavericks had a rough run last season.

“I’m giving you a f***** answer. It’s alright to write positive stuff. People will read your positive s***. You don’t always have to be negative. The world is already negative enough. Let’s see some positive stuff on positive people…”

Kidd, in his rant, also stated that the media should exhibit positive reports as well, which people will still read. Kidd has urged the media to shun away from always writing negative reports and added that his team couldn’t return to their poor run last campaign, abruptly walking out of the presser.

Nevertheless, with LeBron James rumored for a reunion with both Kyrie Irving and Jason Kidd at the Dallas Mavericks, fans will continue to speculate the future of King James after his contract expiration with the Lakers.

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