Mavs fans urge LeBron James to come play for Dallas after Lakers ace expresses his love for Jason Kidd

LeBron James, despite entering the twilight of his iconic career, has remained a significant figure in the league. In his 21st season, LeBron has surpassed and established great milestones. He is also widely known as someone who throws support for others whenever he finds it necessary.

Amidst LeBron James recently throwing his support behind the Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd after a fallout with reporters, the Dallas Mavericks faithful have boldly aired their wish for LeBron James.

LeBron James hails Jason Kidd

After the Dallas Mavericks’ Tuesday matchup against the Houston Rockets, Kidd, during the post-match briefing, appeared fed up with the negative comments and questions that the reporters threw at his players, especially about the dynamic duo of Kyrie and Doncic. LeBron James, then swiftly threw support for Kidd following the incident.

Dallas Mavericks fans urge LeBron James to  join the franchise after  he expresses his love for Jason Kidd by defending his media response.
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During the media session, Kidd made a statement while responding to Tim McMahon of ESPN, in which he urged them to be more positive when having a say on professional athletes and the setbacks they encounter. Kidd has said that failing is alright and not a bad thing for a professional to experience since they can always get better and learn from it. McMahon then responded by saying that he was only posing a question.

Kidd, then burst out by saying, “I’m giving you a f***** answer. It’s alright to write positive stuff. People will read your positive s***. You don’t always have to be negative. The world is already negative enough. Let’s see some positive stuff on positive people…”

While the video of Kidd and media reporters landed on X, LeBron swiftly reposted it and added comments of his own. LeBron admitted to not having seen Kidd cursed over the time they’ve known each other, saying, “For J to curse, you know he wasn’t happy at all! I don’t think I ever heard him curse. I mean from competing vs him, teaming up with him, and playing for him. Never! He was HOT and, quite frankly, RIGHT!! Love J Kidd!”.

Mavs fans want LeBron James in Dallas

Following LeBron throwing huge support and show of love towards Kidd, after an outburst with media members, the Dallas Mavericks’ faithful have boldly stated their desire to see LeBron play for the Mavericks.

Fans took turns to comment under the reposted post of Kidd’s addressing the media members. A fan told LeBron to join the Mavericks, so he could tie with Michael Jordan’s number of rings while partnering with Luka and Kyrie.

LeBron also stated that Kidd’s outburst was intense, and according to him, Kidd was right, expressing his deep affection for him. LeBron James, having spent a significant number of years with Kidd, it’s quite obvious why LeBron can boldly make statements about Kidd. Another fan simply told LeBron to play for Kidd again.

Another fan while saying LeBron should join the Mavericks, added that not all media is that bad. Interestingly, a fan coined the name “LeMaverick.”

LeBron James, whose $97.1 million contract with the Lakers, sees him through the current 2023-2024 season, could be changing jerseys next year, as he becomes a free agent. Per Athletic, LeBron had hinted at a possible return to the Cavaliers, which he said the door isn’t closed. Again, LeBron, before his retirement, had also expressed his desire to play alongside his son Bronny, whose eligibility to play in the NBA comes in 2024.

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