Lewis Hamilton’s father once allegedly made inquiry about switch to Red Bull before Ferrari move

The seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton endured a challenging couple of years following the 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, causing deep concern for his father Anthony Hamilton regarding the future of his remaining racing career.

Prior to Hamilton’s mind-blowing decision to move to Ferrari, Anthony was reported to be actively exploring opportunities with Red Bull, according to statements made by the team boss, Christian Horner.

Lewis Hamilton’s father once allegedly inquired about Red Bull’s move

Christian Horner revealed that several months back, an important individual, none other than Anthony Hamilton, inquired about a seat position at Red Bull. The Mercedes driver’s father played a crucial role in managing his important contracts and negotiations in his early career. However, as Lewis took more control over his career, Anthony’s involvement diminished.

Before the news of his significant move to the Ferrari camp came in, his father was extremely worried about his son’s future racing career, as he was facing consistent struggles to keep up with his strongest rival in the industry, Max Verstappen.

As a result, without informing Hamilton, he decided to engage in a conversation with the team principal regarding the future availability of a seat on the Red Bull team.

Horner also claimed to the media that it is normal for a father to be concerned about his son by saying, “Anthony is a good guy, a proud racing father, and inevitably, when drivers go through tough spots—and Lewis has not won a grandprix for two years—questions will be asked up and down the paddock.”

What makes Lewis Hamilton dislike his father?

Apart from the struggles of Hamilton’s Formula 1 career, he was also in a bittersweet relationship with his father. The British driver had previously stated that apart from the tedious physical strain while driving, he was also relatively depressed due to the bottled-up emotions within himself.

He was never allowed to cry, as it would signify a “female trait” if he did so, according to the typical stereotypes that his father had forced him to follow. From 2010 to 2020, he endured all the pain without expressing any emotions, until one day he finally broke down.

He said, “My dad never let me cry as a kid. He said it’s a sign of weakness. Don’t let me ever see you shed a tear. I remember just holding back through those difficult times as a kid. In 2020, I cried; I hadn’t cried for at least 10 years or maybe more.”

Reflecting on his upbringing, Hamilton acknowledged the need to distance himself from his father to address mental health issues and trauma. Whether their relationship can be repaired remains uncertain.

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