Formula One fans speculate Anthony Hamilton’s Red Bull inquiry for his son despite Lewis Hamilton’s denial

Lewis Hamilton is engaged in a war of words with the Red Bull chief, Christian Horner. Horner had earlier accused Hamilton’s team of having contacted Red Bull for a possible seat for the Brit prior to the contract extension from Mercedes. While Lewis Hamilton has rejected his claims, the matter has become a hot topic before the last race of the season.

The connection between motorsports and Lewis Hamilton goes long way back and when someone is very famous in a field, it is almost obvious that there will be gossips around the said icon. Lewis Hamilton’s current situation has been a part of discussion during every F1 banter nowadays.

F1 fans think Anthony Hamilton asked Red Bull for Lewis Hamilton spot

While the 7 time winner has publicly denied approaching Horner claiming that he hasn’t even met him in years and its just a made-up story, fans on the other hand are up to various theories that may have caused this confusion.

Recently RBR Daily has put up a controversial claim, suggesting that it wasn’t someone from Lewis’s team, but his own dad Anthony Hamilton who tried to get the deal with Red Bull.

This is indeed a surprising move because no matter how much Lewis can deny the allegations, the fact his father wants the absolute best for him can’t be ignored. This shocking revelation has caused fans to go into a disarray, and most of them are having a unanimous opinion that Lewis asked his father to approach Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton having a chat with Anthony via The Sportsrush

One of the fans however, brought up the fact that Anthony hasn’t been a part of Lewis Hamilton’s management team since 2010 and such a thing couldn’t be possible. The whole F1 community is currently divided in two factions regarding the bomb dropped by Christian Horner.

Lewis Hamilton denies Red Bull move claim

Lewis Hamilton was under fire for the dent in his previously declared loyalty, but he immediately countered it by blaming Christian Horner for spreading lies, and instead suggested it was Horner who had approached him not the other way around.

“I have checked with everyone on my team and no-one has spoken to them, but they have tried to reach out to us.”

Lewis Hamilton
via Daily Express

Lewis also clarified the situation further explaining that the only contact he has had with Horner over these years is a mere reply to one of the old texts he received by Christian. It is clear that Lewis was upset about the fact that his name was being used to create baseless gossip and he rebuked people about it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis in dilemma via Road and Track

“Not really. If you really think about it, there are a lot of people here who really like to drop my name in conversations because they know it is going to make waves. And if you are a little bit lonely and are not getting much attention that is the perfect thing to do, just mention my name.”

What do you think about the current situation between Red Bull and Mercedes camps? Do you think it was Anthony Hamilton who initiated such a move or is it simply a false propaganda to create buzz? We would love to know your thoughts.


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