Lionel Messi once called Jamie Carragher a ‘donkey’ as CBS show refusal reignite their heated feud

The everlasting ‘GOAT’ debate between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, regarded as the two greatest sporting stars of this generation, continues. The duo engaged in a fierce competitive rivalry in Europe. Until recently, when they departed the continent to pursue their club endeavors in the Saudi Pro League and MLS.

Beyond the discussions among fans and players, managers and football experts have occasionally engaged in the Messi versus Ronaldo debate. Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher is among those who favor Messi over Ronaldo. However, despite Carragher’s insights, the World Cup winner once insulted him.

Lionel Messi once called Jamie Carragher a ‘donkey’

Lionel Messi made a sensational switch to Major League Soccer side Inter Miami and has been remarkable with his performances, despite a brief spell with injury woes as intrusions. The 36-year-old guided his side to their first-ever title, the ‘Leagues Cup,’ subsequently securing Inter Miami’s MVP for the 2023 season.

Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool defender and renowned pundit, is often at the helm of controversies with his statements. Similarly, he once heavily criticized PSG for failing to advance in the Champions League, prompting Messi to hit back at the 45-year-old with a direct message on Instagram.

Jamie Carragher himself revealed that he had received a direct message from the World Cup winner. He disclosed, “Yes. Is it Spanish that they speak, Argentinians? I’m just going to say the word he called me, I don’t understand, a ‘burro’. What does that mean?” during a CBS Sports discussion panel.

Later, fellow panelist and presenter Kate Abdo informed the Scouser-speaking Liverpool icon that the word’s translation was “Donkey, thank you.”

Lionel Messi rejects CBS show appearance due to Jamie Carragher

The CBS Sports broadcast of the UEFA Champions League pre-match show was aired from Miami on Wednesday. During the discussion, the show’s presenter, Kate Abdo, revealed that Lionel Messi was invited to join the special Miami edition but, according to the Inter Miami star, declined the invitation, citing Carragher as the reason.

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Kate Abdo claimed, “You know that we made an official invitation, extended one to Inter Miami, and asked him [Messi] to come on the show, and you know what the official response was from Inter Miami? Apparently, Lionel Messi will not be doing any television show that Jamie Carragher is a part of.”

Abdo’s revelation followed Jamie Carragher’s statement that the Argentine icon is significantly superior to the Al-Nassr star. Additionally, she remembered occasions when Messi jokingly referred to the Liverpool icon as a ‘donkey.’ However, Carragher’s response to the claim was quite positive, as he didn’t take Messi’s words to heart.


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