Journalist reveals Daniel Ricciardo can triple his current salary only with assistance from Sergio Perez

Daniel Ricciardo made a strong comeback in AlphaTauri this season after exiting McLaren, a move that he feels really good about. The Red Bull reserve driver, Nyck De Vries, started to work on his mojo and got back to the top spot again.

Daniel Ricciardo was in contention for a Red Bull seat in 2024 due to Perez’s bad form and his close ties with Red Bull. Daniel and Perez were close rivals for the coveted Red Bull seat, but Perez’s strong performance in the last few races ensured his seat next year. It seems like Daniel will have to depend on Checo instead of trying to fight him if he wants to get what he wants.

Special Daniel Ricciardo contract clause

Daniel Ricciardo, Sergio Perez and Red Bull have been quite famous ever since Honey Badger’s return to the Austrian outfit. A potential seat back at Red Bull was in the picture as soon as he became their reserve driver, but rumors in 2023 only solidified such stories. Sergio Perez had an erroneous and heartbreaking time at Red Bull this year, but the pressure from higher-ups meant he would lose his seat if he was unable to secure P2 in the driver’s championship.

Daniel Ricciardo
Ricciardo vs Perez via Autosport

Journalist Joe Saward has revealed that the story is much more realistic than previously thought, and Daniel’s contract with Red Bull depends on Sergio Perez not being able to perform well.

“[….] while the driver line-up in 2024 will be Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda, informed sources suggest that there is a provision in Ricciardo’s contract for him to switch into Red Bull Racing after the early races next year if Sergio Perez does not up his game.”

Daniel Ricciardo
A potential seat for Lawson via The Mirror

He further mentioned a potential increase in Daniel’s salary in such a case: “I hear that if that happens Daniel’s salary will triple and Liam Lawson will come in to replace him.”

Daniel Ricciardo’s salary with AlphaTauri

While Ricciardo was once considered a Red Bull prodigy, he currently earns one of the lowest salaries on the F1 grid as an Aussie driver. Daniel’s salary at AlphaTauri is $2.1, which is significantly lower than the $17 million he earned at McLaren.

Although Daniel Ricciardo’s situation may not be ideal, it is reassuring to know that he has a secure future ahead of him. If he can regain the confidence he once had and demonstrate it to Red Bull bosses, he can show them that he still possesses the qualities necessary to become a world champion. Daniel’s salary and career prospects are influenced by various factors. If the AlphaTauri driver wants to increase his earnings, he will need to demonstrate the same level of determination and tenacity that has earned him the nickname ‘Honey Badger’.

Daniel Ricciardo
Glory days at Red Bull via Sportskeeda

The rumors no longer appear to be just rumors, as the future of these two drivers, as well as Red Bull, seems to be entangled in a tight spot.

Will Perez have the last laugh, or will Daniel find redemption? Perhaps there are surprises awaiting us next year in Milton Keynes.


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