Lions face tricky scenario with free-agent TE Brock Wright after 49ers’ alleged $6M guaranteed offer

Every year, the NFL springs up quite a handful of surprises on the franchises as well as their loyal supporters. The franchise administration then has to navigate through the tricky scenarios to ensure the best possible outcome for their teams so the players can go out there and secure a playoff appearance and potentially a title.

For the Detroit Lions, this year’s trade window has proved to be a doozy as they find themselves in hot water after making a deal with the San Francisco 49ers over their star tight end, Brock Wright. Let’s find out more about why an entire franchise is in dire straits and could potentially lose a boatload of money over a single player.

49ers’ reported Brock Wright offer puts Lions in tricky scenario

Brock Wright, a restricted free agent playing for the Detroit Lions since 2022, has become a pivotal part of their offensive inroads over the last couple of seasons. Most of their plays revolve around the young 25-year-old TE, who has repaid the faith shown in him by the franchise.

However, the Detroit Lions now find themselves in hot water after the San Francisco 49ers decided to take an interest in the youngster. The Bay- Area outfit has now made an offer of $12 million for three years, including a $6 million guaranteed paycheck. This puts the Lions in a position where they will have to match the offer in order to ensure that their talismanic TE stays put.

How much will it cost the Lions to keep TE Brock Wright?

According to Detroit Sports Nation, the franchise will have to shell out at least $6 million within the given deadline of 5 days, beyond which Brock Wright will have no choice but to move to the 49ers. Furthermore, the Lions also run the risk of not receiving any compensation due to Wright’s status as an undrafted player signed in 2021.

As soon as the news of this stupifying deal made its way to social media, the NFL community across the country erupted in disbelief and equated the situation to a lot of tricky yet hilarious situations in the past. One user echoed the sentiment by saying, “I guess we know that means no George Kittle next year,” while another quipped, “This will give the niners another mismatch target in midfield. They use Kittle a lot as a blocker so I’m guessing they may throw Wright in on some of those passing downs as an alternate.”

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