“Love you Slate”: Tom Brady expresses his affection Matthew Slater after Patriots honor captain’s 16-year career with the franchise

Over the years, the New England Patriots have staked their claim to be one of the most storied franchises in the history of the league. Their performances in the seasons gone by under the tutelage of Bill Belichick have solidified those claims. Even more so, the brilliance of Tom Brady took the team to new heights.

Even more storied than the franchise itself are some of its players. One of the brightest stars among the famous crop of players would be Michael Slater, captain of the franchise. Loved by one and all during his tenures, including the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, Slater is truly a modern legend.

Tom Brady salutes Matthew Slater

Last night’s game against the resurgent New York Jets might just have been the final game of Slater’s 16 year long career. While the match might’ve ended in an embarrassing defeat, it has not been able to tarnish the image of Matthew Slater’s brilliance and poise over the years.

That is exactly why greats of the game like Tom Brady congratulated him after the game ended. The seven-time Super Bowl winner took to Instagram to give Slater his flowers after what might turn out to be the last time he ever dons a Pats jersey.

Writing on his Instagram story, Brady said, “One of a kind in every way. Love you, Slate, and so proud of you.” expressing his gratitude for the former teammate with whom he spent a lot of cherishable moments.

Slater’s career with Patriots

Speaking to the reporters in the post-game press conference. Matthew Slater opened up about he was thankful to the franchise. However, he remained tight lipped about his future in the NFL.

“Let’s talk about that another day,” said the 38-year-old. “Just wanna express my thanks to the guys in the locker room today. So, I’m very appreciative of all the love and support that I received throughout the season and certainly this week. I’m just proud to be a part of that group. To come in here and work with those guys really meant a lot.”

In a touching gesture before the game, the New England Patriots teams trained with Matthew Slater themed “Captain” sweatshirts with all of his remarkable achievements on the back.

With the Pats, Slater managed to win three Super Bowls and was the team captain for a mind-boggling 13 seasons on the trot. Slater also received a Pro Bowl nomination for a record 10 times in his career. Making him one of the most prolific athletes of the modern game.

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