Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag remains defiant amid questions over future at Old Trafford

At the end of the last season, there was a sense of optimism at Manchester United, and many fans believed they were entering a new era of success. However, the current season has taken an unexpected turn, with the team facing its worst start in 60 years. The recent back-to-back defeats to Manchester City and Newcastle United have left supporters disheartened.

Despite these challenges, Erik ten Hag, Manchester United’s manager, maintains his optimism about the team’s performance. While their recent showings have been far from ideal, Ten Hag seems determined to lead the club through this rough patch and believes in the potential for improvement in the future.

Erik ten Hag remains defiant after Newcastle defeat

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is standing firm regarding his future despite enduring another 3-0 home defeat. This latest loss saw his team exit the Carabao Cup against Newcastle.

As an expected aftermath of this dismal performance, the United fans are incredibly sullen. Some fans were even pictured exiting Old Trafford before the end of the game.

Now, it appears that pressure is indeed mounting from fans to have Erik Ten Hag removed as the manager, a mere 17 months after he assumed the role. The outlook for Manchester United’s season seems bleak, with fans showing their discontent by booing the team at both half-time and the final whistle during their match against Newcastle. Confidence also seems to be dwindling among the squad, with players underperforming and avoiding appearances before the press.

Despite all these, Erik ten Hag seems calm in the midst of a stormy Manchester United season. He claims appears unfazed by the threats concerning his future as he states that he is a ‘fighter’, implying that he will not stop trying to improve the team at all costs.

United boss apologises for awful performance

Erik Ten Hag acknowledges that Manchester United is currently “not good enough,” taking responsibility for the team’s disappointing start to the season. The club’s performance has been far from satisfactory, marked by their worst start since 1962, having suffered eight losses in their first 15 matches.

This struggle was further exemplified by two 3-0 defeats at Old Trafford in just four days, first to Manchester City on October 29 and then to Newcastle United on November 1. Ten Hag stated, “This is not good enough, and we know that.”

Erik Ten Hag

He continued saying, “We were in the game, and then in a couple of minutes, we are giving the game away. That’s below our standards, and we know that all, and we have to take responsibility for this.”

Erik ten Hag also believes that the team’s confidence has dropped following their recent defeats.


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