Mario Chalmers revisits his infamous on-court spat with LeBron James after telling him to “stop playing like a bi*ch”

LeBron James’ tenure with the Miami Heat stands out as one of the most memorable and pivotal periods in his career. Recently, his former Heat teammates disclosed an incident in which they managed to make Bron burst into laughter, ultimately contributing to a game-winning moment.

Mario Chalmers, a teammate of Bron from the Miami Heat, may not have been the most exceptional player on the squad, but he knew how to ignite his team. Chalmers recently spoke about a specific instance with Bron where he successfully triggered a positive response. Additionally, he provided an update on his current relationship with the Lakers star.

Mario Chalmers reveals the exact cause of LeBron James bust-up

Mario Chalmers, recently appeared on the OG’s show hosted by former NBA players Mike Miller and Heat legend Udonis Haslem. The former Heat guard talked about many things, and his relationship with LeBron James was one of them. He revealed an incident where he purposefully triggered Bron to get him going and demolish their opposition even if it meant he had to get benched.

He reportedly said, “We got to the bench and I was like, ‘You are the best player out here. So stop being a b***h and go play’… We know B***h is Bron’s trigger word and It’s my job to get everyone going.”

Chalmers was a great point guard who knew his value in the team and played the role of an initiator. However, his means were not always the greatest and it may have resulted in a strained relationship between him and Bron.

LeBron James
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Former Heat G provides update on his relationship with LeBron

Mario also touched upon his relationship with the Lakers ace LeBron James on the OG Podcast. After being asked about his relationship with Bron, he said, “I do not know. I honestly do not know. I mean I text here and there. Say what’s up, congratulations and all that. Sometimes he texts back, sometimes he does not… I do not think there is any beef between us.”

He continued, “I got a lot of love for Bron. He helped me get my championship and he is one of my favorite teammates. I ain’t got no beef. I do not have any disrespect to him. Nothing. There are some people that I do not like out there but that is a whole different story, but Bron isn’t one of them.”

This explanation by Mario is pretty convincing but some fans are still skeptical of it especially after he stated that no one fears LeBron when he achieved 39K points and became the league’s leading scorer. Similarly, he also had revealed that the former Celtics star Paul Pierce resented LeBron due to a personal reason.

What do you think of Mario Chalmers’ confrontation with Bron? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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