Udonis Haslem still “hates the motherf*ckers” Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett after nearly a decade-long rivalry

Udonis Haslem recently revealed his views on his rivalry with the legendary Celtics duo of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Haslem has been a very loyal player for the Miami Heat and spent his entire career in the franchise.

Because of that, Udonis developed a bitter rivalry with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce who became his arch rivals. He recently called them out to sort out their indifferences and invited them to his podcast.

Udonis Haslem talks on rivalry with Celtics

Former Miami Heat player, Udonis Haslem, who had his jersey retired by the franchise as a way to honor his dedication to the team, expressed his views on his rivalry with the Celtics. On his podcast “The OG Show” Haslem talked about his animosity with Kevin and Paul and also expressed his views on Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

He reportedly said, “In my era, we used to hate those motherf****rs we used to go against each other and the rivalries and all that s**t… Those old motherf****rs, KG (Kevin Garnett) and Paul (Pierce), I do not f*** with you and you all know that… If I see you in the grocery store it is on. I do not care what place it is, it could be a seven-eleven around the motherf*****g cheese dip, it is like whatever, and all that s**t gets flipped over.”

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Haslem was a very loyal player to the franchise and has been through many ups and downs in his career. His biggest rivals however were the legendary duo of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett who he faced on the biggest stage in the NBA multiple times. This indeed further fueled their rivalry and increased the animosity between them.

Paul Pierce mocks Udonis Haslem’s jersey retirement

The former Celtics player and Hall of Famer Paul Pierce recently mocked Udonis Haslem at his jersey retirement event. The jersey retirement ceremony of Haslem was posted on Instagram in a reel format and Paul Pierce decided to show up in the comments section. Pierce commented, “This one given Bro just saying,” followed up by a shrug emoji.

It can be inferred that Pierce mocked Udonis Haslem by suggesting that his jersey retirement was not earned but rather bestowed upon him as a gift from the franchise. This behavior from Pierce highlights the enduring rivalry between the two players, which persists even after their retirement from the sport. However, many people disagreed with Pierce’s comment and instead began roasting him for his perspective.

What do you think of Udonis Haslem’s reminiscing about his rivalry with KG and Paul Pierce? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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