Marvin Harrison Jr lavishes praise on CJ Stroud following Texans QB’s outstanding performance against Colts: “C7 ROTY”

After concluding the prior season with a lackluster 3-13 record, the Houston Texans witnessed an abrupt turnaround in fortunes this season, propelled by the remarkable contributions of their rookie quarterback, CJ Stroud. Despite initial skepticism from Colin Cowherd regarding Stroud’s draft pick, the Texans defied expectations, securing a playoff berth after a decisive victory over the Indianapolis Colts in their season finale.

In the crucial Week 18 matchup, CJ Stroud’s standout performance not only caught the attention of football enthusiasts but also garnered admiration from his former college teammate, Marvin Harrison Jr.

Marvin Harrison Jr hails CJ Stroud

After CJ Stroud’s sensational performance against the Colts, it was evident that his college teammate and friend, Marvin Harrison Jr., couldn’t contain his admiration and affection for the talented rookie. Harrison took to his X account, showering accolades on Stroud and even suggesting that he deserves the Rookie of the Year (ROTY) title with a succinct “C7 ROTY” proclamation.

Harrison’s admiration for Stroud reached another level in a previous X post where he eloquently captured Stroud’s brilliance with the phrase “Prime time CJ.”

This tagline reflects not only the excellence of Stroud’s performance but also positions him as a prime-time player for the Houston Texans. Just an hour later, Harrison couldn’t resist expressing his awe once again, emphasizing the significance of Stroud’s very first play with a simple yet impactful “First playyyy” post. 

The camaraderie between Marvin Harrison Jr. and CJ Stroud has deep roots, originating from their shared time with the Ohio State Buckeyes. It was during this period that Stroud, under Harrison’s influence, cultivated an environment of excellence and success for the Buckeyes. As Stroud transitioned from college to the professional league, the bond between these two athletes remained evident.

Having concluded his illustrious college career with the Buckeyes, Stroud seamlessly transitioned into the NFL. His remarkable rookie season saw him set a record for the most passing yards in a single game by a rookie, amassing an impressive 470 yards. 

CJ Stroud’s brilliant performance secure playoff spot

At Lucas Oil Stadium, CJ Stroud emerged as the shining hero, leading the Texans to a crucial victory that secured their playoff berth and capped off the regular season with a 10-7 record. This triumph marked a significant milestone for the Texans, marking their return to the postseason for the first time since the 2019 campaign.

The Texans faced unexpected defensive challenges, particularly against the run, adding pressure to their offense. However, CJ Stroud and the resilient offense, epitomized by standout running back Collins.

In the Week 18 matchup, he racked up an impressive 264 yards and two touchdowns while contributing 20 rushing yards on three carries. 

Amidst the jubilation after securing their playoff spot, Texans coach DeMeco Ryans emphasized the team’s collective effort and fighting spirit until the last play. 

“Everybody’s fighting till that last play, that’s what it’s about. We punched our ticket.”

Meanwhile, Stroud’s stellar performance in the regular season finale propelled him into an elite group of NFL rookies. Becoming just the fifth rookie in NFL history to pass for at least 4,000 yards in a season, Stroud’s impact on the Texans’ offensive success is undeniable. His ability to lead the team with composure and efficiency has set a new standard for rookie quarterbacks.

As the Texans gear up for the playoffs, CJ Stroud is poised to make history. He will become the third quarterback drafted in the top two since at least 1967 to start a playoff game, per CBS Sports. Furthermore, the Texans find themselves in rare company as the fifth playoff team to feature a rookie quarterback and a first-year head coach.

Heading into the playoffs, Stroud’s regular-season statistics paint a picture of a rookie quarterback who has quickly adapted to the NFL stage. Completing 63.2 percent of his passes for 3,844 yards and 21 touchdowns against five interceptions in 14 games, Stroud has proven himself as a reliable and dynamic leader for the Texans.

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