Mason greeenwood’s new home Getafe expected to change name of their stadum in wake of e-Spain forward’s sexist remarks.

Perez’s comments have added to the recent controversies surrounding women’s football in Spain this summer. Despite the national team’s victory in the Women’s World Cup, the aftermath of the triumph was overshadowed by the issue involving Luis Rubiales’ unsolicited kiss and grabbing of Jenni Hermoso.

Aphonso Perez, the revered Spanish football figure for whom Getafe’s stadium is named, expressed his views on the situation. However, it appears that the management of Getafe did not take his comments lightly and deemed them sexist.

Getafe expected to rebrand the stadium name

The Getafe stadium has always borne the name “Coliseum Alfonso Perez” since its construction in 1998. It was named after the Getafe-born football legend Alfonso Perez. But now, the stadium is set to witness a significant change. However, the change seems rather compelled.

The local government’s demand for a change appears to be in response to statements made by Perez, who never played for the club, during an interview with El Mundo. In this interview, Perez discussed comparisons between men’s and women’s football, which evidently triggered the call for a change, indicating that his remarks may have sparked controversy or concerns within the local government or the wider community.

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“I think that women’s and men’s football cannot be compared at all because everything depends on the income you generate and the media impact,” Perez told the newspaper.”

He continued, “And there is no comparison there. You can’t complain about what women’s football currently is. They have evolved but must have their feet on the ground and know that they cannot be compared to a male footballer.”

Alphonso Perez’s statement appears to have added fuel to the fire already burning in Spain regarding women’s football. Due to his highly controversial statement, the Getafe board has decided to rename the stadium, removing Alphonso Perez’s name and just naming it the Coliseum.

On X, the club said, “an example to transmit positive values of sport such as equality, solidarity, and respect,” after the name change.

Mason Greenwood’s performances for Getafe

Mason Greenwood made an immediate impact upon his arrival at Getafe, breaking records even before he played in any matches. His shirt sales at Getafe soared, surpassing all previous records for shirt sales at the club. Additionally, the club’s followership on social media platforms like X experienced a significant boost as a result of Greenwood’s arrival, underscoring the immense popularity and anticipation surrounding the young talent.


Greenwood made his debut in Getafe’s 3-2 victory over Osasuna. He did not make an entry until the 77th minute, but when he finally came on, he displayed the flashes of ability that made him a highly-rated Manchester United player. There was his trademark stepover and a few shots on target to threaten the Osasuna goal.

So far, Mason Greenwood has featured in four of Getafe’s games, but he’s assisted in one so far and received a yellow card. He hasn’t had an exactly flying start at Getafe, but with time, Greenwood will completely leave the stigma and the aftermath of his false criminal charge behind him.


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