NBA icon LeBron James gives hearty shoutout to star NFL QB’s Jalen Hurts, Aaron Rodgers: “Simply INCREDIBLE”

LeBron James is one of those superstars in the basketball world who openly expresses his love for different sports. Almost everyone who knows or follows Bron knows how big of a fan he is of American football. He actively follows the sport and posts about it on his social media accounts.

LeBron James was good at football in his high school days and once was even close to joining the NFL. He often shouts out active NFL players and legends like Deion Sanders as a regular habit. As his latest football fanboy activity, he shouted out the NFL’s star Aaron Rodgers and star quarterback Jalen Hurts, labeling them as “Simply Incredible!”

LeBron James hails Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is a breakout star in the NFL, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he and LeBron have no connection from the past, the NFL star was all praise for the future Hall of Famer of the NBA. Hurts was asked by the press about LeBron in a press conference, and he could not hold back his admiration and praises for the 4-time NBA champion.

He said,” I have never been able to see Lebron play, never met him. He’s a great player, great.. I mean he is so transcendent in terms of the things he is been able to do on the court and off the court. He has changed the game in so many different ways.”

Later on, Hurts talked about his desire to see LeBron James in action and also possibly meet him. He also mentioned his dad and told the press that his father was a big fan of Bron and has been following him since his debut as a rookie.

LeBron James appreciated these kind words from the star quarterback of the Eagles and shouted him out on his official social media account. Bron reposted a video of Hurts’ conference and captioned it, “And it is all love and respect right back to you, Young!!”

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LeBron James lauds Aaron Rodgers

LeBron James also shouted out the star quarterback of the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, on his official social media account. Rodgers has been injured for quite some time now and has missed a few games due to his injury.

He suffered a torn Achilles tendon in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers and was expected to be out until late December. However, things look good for the quarterback as the NFL’s official social media account posted a video of Rodgers showcasing his downfield throwing ability during a pregame warm-up.

Aaron Rodgers is a popular figure in the NFL and his recovery update is being received well by the community. LeBron James is also a big fan of Rodgers and reposted the video shared by the NFL with some kind words for the Jets star.

Bron said, “Wow!!! Simply INCREDIBLE. Back where he belongs! A-ROD,” expressing his admiration and happiness for the quarterback and his speedy recovery. It is speculated that Rodgers would be back in playing condition in a few weeks and would be ready to rumble for the Jets.

What do you think of Hurt’s comments about LeBron James? What do you think of LeBron’s response? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.

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