“Media just hates him”: serious accusation on Kyrie Irving leaves NBA fans furious

Basketball superstar and one of the greatest dribblers in basketball history, Kyrie Irving is not a newcomer to insults and controversies. He’s dealt with the backlash on almost every team he’s been on.

Recently, ESPN insider and analyst Brian Windhorst took shots at Kyrie’s reputation and his failed history with the multiple superteams the player has been on, citing examples from Cleveland, Boston and Brooklyn. However, the unwarranted criticism did not sit right with fans, who rushed to the player’s aide.

Kyrie Irving accused of breaking up three different NBA Super Teams

Kyrie Irving has shared the court with some of the greatest talents in the league and while some have seen success in the form of a championship, others have not seen as much success as the star would’ve hoped.

While Kyrie’s stint with LeBron James in Cleveland saw him win a championship, the former’s only championship, Kyrie’s stints with the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets have provided memorable moments for the fans to remember. While each of the superteam’s failures can be attributed to each of their own reasons, ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst claimed that Kyrie Irving was the sole reason each of those teams went their own separate ways.

Kyrie Irving
Irving joined the Celtics in 2017 via USA Today Sports

Brutally bashing Irving, Windhorst said, “[Kyrie Irving] has normalized breaking up super teams. He broke one up in Cleveland, he broke the chance of one up in Boston, and he broke up the biggest flops of a super team in Brooklyn.”

Kyrie left Cleveland in 2017 after reports erupted that the star was growing frustrated playing under the stardom of superstar LeBron James, a player he was keen on playing with very recently. Following their magical season in 2016, Kyrie declared that he wanted out of Cleveland and joined Eastern Conference competitors, the Boston Celtics. With the young core of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, hopes were high and expectations were higher.

Each time, however, their fates were collapsed by none other than LeBron James, who’s vicious dominance thwarted the success of any other Eastern Conference team in his time in the Conference.

Kyrie Irving
In 2019, Kyrie was fed up with the Celtics via USA Today Sports

Following their lack of meaningful success, Irving requested a trade from the team and was signed by the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. Despite his stellar performances and wonderful moments, Kyrie only appeared in around half of the team’s games, missing large portions of seasons due to injury and other off-the-court issues which transcended the importance of basketball. Eventually, Kyrie’s Brooklyn chapter, too, came to a close.

Windhorst’s unwarranted attacks on Kyrie Irving did not go unnoticed and fans weren’t too happy with the harsh scrutiny of the player.

Fans react to the accusation on Irving

Fans weren’t amused in the slightest by Brian Windhorst’s comments on Kyrie Irving. Without any hesitation, fans quickly responded to the tweet, which circulated at a rapid pace. Through Twitter, many expressed their discontentment while expressing support and praise for the underrated season Kyrie has been having for the Dallas Mavericks.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving barely played for the Nets in his time with the team via Getty Images

One user criticized Windhorst by calling out his judgement of Boston as a superteam. The fan said, “Boston kept the same team. He didn’t “break it up.””

Another fan blatantly called out the analyst for his atrocious take, exclaiming, “Clown.”

A user questioned the necessity of the statements, saying, “Now Kyrie been quiet and ballin this year , why he throwing shots.”

It is safe to say that fans weren’t happy with Windhorst’s public demise of Irving.

Do you think Kyrie is responsible for breaking up the super teams he has been on? Is Kyrie Irving a problematic player? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to comment down below.

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