Michael Malone issues fierce ultimatum following Nuggets’ shocking Cavs loss

The reigning champions of the NBA have proven to still be a threat this season. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers did not care about it as they destroyed the reigning champs to secure a win. The head coach for the Nuggets, Michael Malone, has now issued an ultimatum after the surprising loss.

Michael Malone has been with the Nuggets since 2015 and has groomed the team for more than five years. He observed many shortcomings on his team during the match against the Cavs and felt that he needed to call them out. It is understandable why he would issue an ultimatum to his talented players.

Malone offers stern ultimatum following Nuggets loss

The explosive duo of Nikola Jokic and Michael Porter Jr. from the Nuggets, which has overcome many teams, rendering them unable to stop, was not able to utilize their explosiveness against the Cavs. The defense, led by Jarrett Allen, was able to stop the duo and turn the match in their favor.

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Michael Malone expressed his disappointment with the loss and acknowledged the fact that they had a great experience and learned a lot from the Cavs. The Nuggets’ head coach talked to Matt Brooks of the NBA expressing his dismay. He said, “My biggest disappointment tonight is that I do not think we are playing hard enough. We got off to a pretty good start this season, but we are gonna get everybody’s best.”

Nuggets struggle with rebounding and defense

The biggest flaw in the Nuggets in their game against the Cavs was their rebounding abilities and defense. Head coach Michael Malone also spotted the flaw and called it out after the game. He said, “When I envision the best version of the Denver Nugget basketball, it is a team that strongly defends, rebounds, and runs. We did not defend tonight. We did not rebound tonight and if you don’t defend and rebound, you can not run.”

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The Cavs collected a total of 47 rebounds, while the Nuggets were only able to pull off 33. Jarrett Allen saw other big men of his squad step up and take charge. Dean Wade and Evan Mobley, along with Allen, were responsible for 25 rebounds together. Overall, the Nuggets performed well on offense but lagged behind when it came to defense.

What do you think of Michael Malone’s comments about the loss? Do you think the Nuggets will be able to retain the championship this season? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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