Mitchell Robinson’s high school coach reveals class act from the Knicks C that led to them becoming roommates

Mitchell Robinson is not just having a fine season on the court but is equally making good headlines for himself. The 2018 draft has established himself as one of the most important players on the New York Knicks roster, evident in his outstanding on-court performances so far this season.

While he is excelling in carrying out his daily on-court duties, Mitchell Robinson is at the same time making waves outside the court, and his high school coach shared a touching story of Robinson’s kindhearted gesture.

Mitchell Robinson’s class act revealed

Mitchell Robinson, the New York Knicks’ center, possesses a compassionate side that might be unknown to many fans. When the wife of Robinson’s high school coach in New Orleans Butch Stockton passed away in September, Robinson extended a heartfelt invitation for Stockton to relocate to New York and live with him.

Former high school coach to Mitchell Robinson reveals class act from the Knicks Center that led to them becoming roommates with the player
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Stockton shared this touching gesture in an interview with Rebecca Haarlow of MSG Network per OT Heroics during the Knicks’ game against the Detroit Pistons, a match they won 118-112. Robinson who joined the league in 2018, demonstrated remarkable empathy by encouraging Stockton to join him in New York, offering comfort and a change of scenery to help him cope with the loss of his wife.

Robinson’s caring nature was evident in his daily visits to Stockton’s wife in the hospital during her illness. Stockton, an experienced coach since the mid-1970s, appreciated Robinson’s gesture and reminisced about his coaching journey, including a stint as the head women’s coach at South Alabama and coaching him at Chalmette High School in New Orleans during his time with the school.

Reflecting on the success of players he coached, Stockton expressed joy in seeing them excel, whether in basketball or their professional lives. Robinson’s kindness and support for his former coach showcase the deeper connections that can extend beyond the basketball court.

Robinson’s theory on basketball coloring

The recent hot debate in the New York Knicks locker room centered around whether a basketball is orange or brown, and big man Mitchell Robinson made a gross but compelling argument for it being the latter.

In a conversation with The Athletic’s Josh Hart about the Knicks’ orange court for the NBA In-season Tournament, Robinson shared his belief that a good basketball is always brown.

Former high school coach to Mitchell Robinson reveals class act from the Knicks Center that led to them becoming roommates with the player
Mitchell Robinson Via Getty

With some teammates supporting his view, Robinson went on to provide a reason for the discoloration that could make a germophobe’s skin crawl. Robinson said, “It’s got dirt and bacteria,” and also added “People here don’t wash their hands. There’s a few people in this league that wash their hands. A few of them. But I can. I do. I wash my hands.”

Perhaps Robinson’s clean handling of the ball played a role in the Knicks’ 115-91 victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday. Robinson, with his immaculate hands, secured 10 rebounds, ranking as the third-highest total among players on either team.

While it’s reassuring that Robinson maintains good hygiene, one can only hope that his playful accusations against other players are unfounded. Considering the frequent exchange of the ball during an NBA game, especially during flu season, it’s a matter of collective responsibility for everyone on the court to maintain personal hygiene.

What are your thoughts on Mitchell Robinson’s strange explanation behind the color of a basketball? Share with us below.

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