Months after committing to 21st season, LeBron James’ secret to longevity revealed by NBA HOF

LeBron James has been at the pinnacle of his performance for almost more than two decades now. The GOAT candidate has performed at his very best level for so long that it feels like an impossible feat to recreate. The 38 years old Lakers star was recently out of action but will soon be returning to play his 21st NBA season.

LeBron’s consistency has won him a pile of awards which if combined together are probably more than any NBA player in history. This has made him a potential candidate of the Greatest NBA player of All Time along with Legend Michael Jordan himself. A Hall of Famer, Dwyane Wade recently revealed the secret of LeBron which allows him to remain consistent with his peak performances.

Dwyane Wade sheds light on LeBron James’ success formula

Dwyane Wade did an interview with Shannon Sharpe on his YouTube channel Club Shay Shay where they started discussing about LeBron James and how he has dominated the entire sport for almost two decades. Shannon emphasized on how King James has been going at it with the same level of performance for so long. Dwayne Wade joined in on the topic and gave out the reason to how LeBron is able to achieve such a feat.

Wade told Shannon, “It is injury, if he doesn’t get injured, he takes care of himself… Look at him! his one leg is two of mine.” He further added, “LeBron has been able to tell himself, you’re not tired, you’re not injured.”

He emphasized on the strong mentality King James has and how he takes care of himself and his body to always be in the best condition possible. It is true that LeBron is known for having a very tough mindset, he once even said that he did not get tired, tired is only in the mind. These words showcase the hardworking attitude of LeBron where he refuses to give up.

LeBron James commits to another season with Lakers

The King James fans are excited to see him return to play for another NBA season. The 19-time NBA All-Star announced his decision to play one more season while accepting an award at ESPYs at Los Angeles.

LeBron James
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There were rumours that the King was thinking about retirement but they turned out to be false after his announcement. LeBron had a talk with the reporters that night and said, “Going forward with the game of basketball, I have got a lot to think about.”

On being asked to elaborate on his statement he said, “If I want to continue to play.” These statements by the King sure look like hints towards retirement but it’s regarding the future, and for now he will be playing his 21st NBA season.

What do you think of Wade’s statement about LeBron James? When do you think King James will retire? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share your take.

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