Naomi Osaka discusses her relationship with Cordae following breakup rumours

As Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka cradles her newborn, a new chapter unfolds, bringing with it a sense of both joy and excitement. Then again, whispers of a split hang in the air with rapper Cordae, leaving fans guessing.

Amid her serving up a new romance or staying solo, one thing is certain: Osaka’s next move, on or off the court, promises to be a captivating story. With a return at the Australian Open imminent, the Japanese reflects on parenting and motherhood with her boyfriend.

Naomi Osaka talks about her relationship with Cordae amid breakup rumors

Former US Open champ Naomi Osaka discussed the dynamic between her and rapper Cordae after the couple welcomed a baby in July following speculation they had split in October. Osaka, who has returned to training after her maternity period, discussed her daughter and parenting with Cordae and why their relationship works in a cover interview with InStyle for its December 2023 Celebration Issue.

“We built a really good foundation,” the 26-year-old Osaka said. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s just an easygoing guy, but I think we just respect each other’s opinions. And if we disagree on something, we talk it out. At the end of the day, we both want what’s best for Shai.”

Osaka has been dating Cordae since 2019. But recently, the former World No. 1 sparked a breakup buzz when she shared a number of cryptic posts on social media in October and removed any trace of Cordae from her Instagram page.

“I just want someone that will watch the sunset with me,” Naomi Osaka wrote in a post on X on Oct. 17, according to Page Six. On September 27, she sent a separate message, which read: “The art of loving yourself.” She also reportedly liked a post on X the week prior about “walking away from those that didn’t value you.”

Page Six reported that, during that period, the couple had chosen to unfollow each other on social media. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that the couple is mutually following each other on social media. Despite the numerous rumors, they have yet to address any of them.

Naomi Osaka opens up about parenting with Cordae

Naomi Osaka said she and Cordae are doing well, despite occasionally disagreeing on certain matters. However, they generally manage to maintain a good relationship. She mentioned that she has recently begun preparing recipes that Cordae’s mom taught her, which include delicious southern-inspired dishes like mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole.

The Japanese also admitted that she went through a huge adjustment period in her life after giving birth to Shia “I do remember feeling in that moment, This is the worst pain of my life,” Osaka said of being in labor. “And I know that if I get through this, then everything else will feel very easy.”

Naomi Osaka
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Osaka’s long break from the sport has cemented her resolve to return and give her best to get back to the top of the sport. “I’ve stepped away from tennis before, but this time, it was the longest duration of my life. And I think it kind of gave me a perspective like, ‘Hey, you’re not going to play tennis forever. And you kind of have to cherish the years that you can play,” Osaka noted.

However, with the 2024 season at hand, Naomi Osaka is already preparing for her first competition at the Brisbane International and she also believe that she could win more Grand Slam titles.

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