Fans express their disapproval of Kevin Owens’ fashion sense after picture with Brendan Fraser emerges

Kevin Owens, the former WWE Universal Champion, is renowned for his in-ring skills, mic abilities, and rebellious attitude. However, he is not particularly known for his fashion sense, and his outfit choices have often been criticized or mocked by fans and commentators.

Recently, fans shared their reactions to a photo uploaded by WWE on their official Twitter account, featuring Kevin Owens and his family meeting up with Brendan Fraser in Disney World for the Candlelight Processional, which runs until December 30th.

Fans left unimpressed with Kevin Owens’ fashion statement

Kevin Owens usually wears a black T-shirt with his logo or catchphrase, a pair of black shorts or jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. He also wears a black baseball cap and a black wristband. He rarely changes his attire, except for special occasions or matches.

Yesterday, WWE posted a picture on twitter of Owens and his family posing with Brendan Fraser, the Oscar-winning actor who starred in The Whale, a film about a 600-pound man who tries to reconnect with his daughter. Owens was seen wearing a Red T-Shirt and a funky red pant.

Fans were not happy to see Owens in the outfit and commented, “Fraser, Owens and Family at Disney Worlds Candle light processional? Yes please. Absolute beautiful picture, absolutely amazing people. Who the hell let Kevin wear those pants though?”

They have also said that Owens’ attire does not match his status or achievements as a wrestler, and that he should dress more professionally or elegantly, especially for interviews or red carpet events. They have also made fun of Owens’ T-shirt designs, saying that they are cheesy or childish, and that they do not suit his age or image.

Owens dress sense is a part of his identity and character, and it has been a source of both praise and criticism from the fans. Whether he sticks to his usual attire or tries something new, Owens always makes a statement with his appearance, and he always delivers with his performance

K.O gets mocked by Austin Theory ahead of WWE SmackDown clash

The tension between Kevin Owens and Austin Theory escalated on the November 3 episode of SmackDown, when Owens confronted Theory backstage and punched him in the face. The following week, Owens was suspended by WWE management for attacking Theory and another newcomer, Grayson Waller, who had poured a drink on him while he was doing commentary.

Owens, who was furious about the suspension, vowed to get revenge on Theory and Waller as soon as he returned. He also warned Theory to stop taking selfies with his victims, saying that it was disrespectful and unprofessional. On the November 24 episode of SmackDown, Theory decided to impersonate Owens, wearing a KO shirt and mimicking his mannerisms in the ring.

Later on the show Owens faced a hand injury during the match against Theory. Austin Theory is set to face Owens in the United States Champion number 1 contender tournament on this week’s Friday Night Smackdown. Ahead of their clash, Theory mocked Owens by adding a photo of Owens captioning, “Advancing in this Tournament after I beat Kevin and his strong hand tomorrow”

Owens and Theory are set to clash once again for the fourth time in a row. It is expected to be a heated and intense match. Both men have a lot to prove: Owens aims to teach Theory a lesson in respect and humility, while Theory wants to demonstrate that he is better than Owens and belongs on SmackDown. This weeks Smackdown is a must watch as the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns is returning to WWE after a long break.


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