Nate Diaz claims to ‘f**K up Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua’ in actual fight amid UFC 300 hints

The MMA and boxing communities have had notable intersections in recent times, with veteran MMA fighters plying their trade inside the boxing ring. However, most MMA fighters were unsuccessful in their boxing endeavors, even against influencer-turned-boxers.

Nonetheless, fans and fighters alike believe that an MMA fighter would defeat a professional boxer in a street fight, irrespective of the size disparity between an MMA fighter and a boxer. Recently, a renowned MMA fighter expressed his views on defeating the big names in the heavyweight division of boxing in a real fight.

Nate Diaz claims to beat Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

Nate Diaz, the former UFC lightweight and BMF title challenger, recently claimed to defeat WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former unified boxing champion Anthony Joshua in a real fight in an interview with popular streamer Sneako on Rumble. “I’ll fuck Tyson Fury, I’ll fuck up Anthony Joshua, all these motherfuckers in a real fight. They don’t stand a chance,” Nate Diaz said to Sneako.

“I don’t like the label of MMA fighters like I’m a boxer, I’m a Jiu-Jitsu guy”, Diaz criticized MMA fighters labelling themselves to be the best at one aspect of MMA. “I don’t like the label of the one-dimensional things anyway, I like it all”, said Diaz of his pride in calling himself as an MMA fighter rather than a fighter who has expertise in one aspect of the sport.

Even though Diaz claimed to defeat Joshua and Fury in a street fight, the chances of that happening are very low because both Joshua and Fury are massive human beings who possess phenomenal knockout power.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou fought Tyson Fury inside the boxing ring and lost via controversial split decision. Ngannou is now scheduled to face off with Anthony Joshua next month in Riyadh.

Nate Diaz hints at potential UFC 300 rematch return

Nate Diaz has not competed in MMA since he submitted Tony Ferguson in the main event of UFC 279 and left the UFC. Before that, he fought at UFC 263 against Leon Edwards, who is now the undisputed welterweight champion of the promotion. Now, Diaz has hinted at a possible rematch with Edwards at UFC 300, which still does not have a headliner.

At UFC 263, Diaz lost the first four rounds to Edwards but rocked the Jamaican-born Brit in the final round, thereby bagging the highlight moment of the fight. Even though Edwards won the fight and went on to become champion in his next bout, fans still remember the fight for the moment with Diaz rocker Edwards.

Diaz recently shared the GIF of the sequence on his official X with the caption, “300”, and it has sent fight fans into a frenzy as it alludes to a rematch between Edwards and Diaz for UFC 300. Nonetheless, the UFC has not made any statements regarding Diaz returning to the promotion for UFC 300.

Diaz’s latest fight was inside the boxing ring against Jake Paul, in a fight he lost via unanimous decision. However, like the Edwards’ fight, Diaz had a big moment in the fight as he caught Paul in a guillotine choke much to the amusement of fans, even though it is illegal in boxing.

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