Why is Bryce Hall in Ryan Garcia’s father’s $750,000 lawsuit?

Ryan Garcia and Henry Garcia are well-known names in the boxing world for their training and boxing matches. Henry, as a coach, has often given training to his son and many upcoming boxing stars. But something made Father Garcia so unhappy that he decided to file the lawsuit for $750,000.

The issue revolves around training, involving Bryce Hall and other influencers. Matters escalated to the point where Ryan Garcia intervened to support his father by taking legal action against what they claim are false allegations circulating online.

Why did Ryan Garcia’s father sue Bryce Hall?

Aside from Bryce Hall, two other influencers named in the lawsuit are Taylor Holder and Nate Wyatt. The issue originated after YouTuber Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall via TKO in a boxing match on June 12, 2021. Seeking to return to combat sports, Hall opted to compete in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. In his debut fight, the 24-year-old secured his first victory in combat sports by defeating Gee Perez.

Since the social media personality has made his comeback to the fighting game, Henry Garcia has decided to remind Bryce Hall that he has outstanding dues to pay. The boxing coach filed a lawsuit for pending dues of $75,000 that he is owed by Bryce Hall, Taylor Holder, and Nate Wyatt. According to Ryan Garcia’s father, he was supposed to receive 10% of the fee from the Austin McBroom fight. However, Hall has continuously denied these claims.

It was during the Social Gloves: Battle of Platforms event that Taylor Holder and Nate Wyatt received $2 million and $50,000, respectively, from their fights. However, they failed to pay the agreed-upon amount for their training to the coach.

Ryan Garcia describes his Bryce Hall beef.

Now Henry Garcia’s son described why Bryce Hall is involved in this matter. Ryan Garcia was talking to N3on about the issue, explaining precisely what Hall did to warrant the lawsuit. The 25-year-old Garcia said, “You know, bro, honestly, when somebody’s going to your dad, it is different than anger.“ Then Son Garcia added, “He did a podcast mentioning he won the fight and he paid but my dad didn’t get paid.”

Ryan Garcia was deeply upset about Bryce Hall’s claims and the failure to pay his father what was expected for his job as a trainer. Recently, Ryan Garcia also faced trouble when his house was targeted by criminals. His place was broken in by thieves while he was away attending a Super Bowl match last weekend.

Do you think Ryan Garcia and Bryce Hall will settle things outside of the court or will the lawsuit continue?

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