NBA fans applaud Hawks star Dejounte Murray after he vows to aid supporter suffering “Real Respect”

The former San Antonio Spurs player Dejounte Murray has been trending on social media just this Wednesday. Since leaving the Spurs, Murray has performed consistently for the Atlanta Hawks and has already evolved into one of the integral members of their team, touted to make All-Star appearances.

In a show of love and compassion, the point guard has recently volunteered to help a Hawks fan suffering from cancer. Fans have since lauded their favorite player on the internet acknowledging Dejounte Murray’s kindhearted gesture.

Dejounte Murray promises to help a fan

In a heartwarming act of compassion, Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray has demonstrated his solidarity with a fan facing cancer, assuring them of his willingness to provide any assistance.

A dedicated fan account on X (formerly Twitter), with the handle @DeJMuse, had shared a post disclosing a cancer diagnosis and expressing a sense of the illness prevailing.

Hawks star Dejounte Murray earns applause from the NBA fans after he vows to aid supporter suffering from cancer
Dejounte Murray Via Getty

“Hawks fans, sad news, I’ve been diagnosed with cancer 1 and half months ago and it looks like it’s winning. I LOVE YOU ALL. Happy I got to be part of the Hawks family. Wish Y’all nothing but the best in life. ❤️ #truetoatlanta”

Although the post didn’t directly mention or tag Murray, the Hawks guard came across it and responded to the fan, quoting his post.

“I’m Sorry And Sad To Hear This And I Want You To Know I Appreciate You And The Support More Than Words Can Explain. 🙏🏽 If I Can Do ANYTHING For You Please Let Me Know ASAP!!!!! 🖤 #FCancer”

Dejounte Murray’s compassionate response shows the kind of person he is outside the basketball court. Fans were quick to laud their favorite player for his heartwarming gesture and have since expressed their respect for the PG.

Fans reaction to Dejounte Murray’s act of generosity

Following the gesture displayed by Dejounte Murray promise to give support to a Hawks fan who is diagnosed with cancer, fans were quick to react.

As anticipated, his gesture triggered a variety of online responses from X users. The reactions spanned from general commendations and terms of endearment to other users expressing their appreciation.

A fan who is aware of Murray’s show of love replied, “Real. Respect.”

Another fan wrote, “Props to you Dejounte I hope you can support his treatment and care”.

More fans will definitely react to this kindhearted display from Dejounte Murray. If all humans can render help to one another like what Murray promised the Hawks fan, the world would have been a better place to live in.

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