NBA fans ridicule Josh Giddey for missing Chet Holmgren’s high school jersey retirement event: “Giddey waiting in the car”

Oklahoma City Thunder star Chet Holmgren took some time out of his schedule to visit his old playground where he used to dominate. He visited his high school, Minnehaha Academy to attend his jersey retirement event.

Chet’s teammates from the OKC also accompanied him to their big man’s high school to attend the event. However, the controversial OKC player did not go with the rest of his teammates and the NBA fans are ridiculing him for that.

Chet Holmgren attends HS jersey retirement event with OKC Thunder teammates

OKC player Chet Holmgren recently visited his high school, Minnehaha Academy, where he once dreamed of having a career as a professional basketball player. His high school arranged a jersey retirement event to honor their former student, who has become a successful professional athlete in the NBA and made his alma mater proud.

Chet received his framed number 34 jersey and took the microphone to express his gratitude to everyone at the ceremony. The OKC players were present in Minnesota to face the Timberwolves, so when they heard about this event, they decided to accompany their big man to his high school to watch him receive the honor.

The OKC players traveled to the Minnehaha Academy and surprised the children and the crowd there. They cheered on Chet and also delighted their fans by signing autographs and taking photographs with them.

Chet Holmgren
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Fans mock Josh Giddey for missing Chet Holmgren’s jersey retirement

Almost everyone from the OKC was present at Chet Holmgren’s jersey retirement event except one player. Josh Giddey, who has been making the headlines recently because of the controversy surrounding him, was nowhere to be seen.

Giddey was accused of having an illegal relationship with a minor girl who was speculated to be in junior high. However, the law enforcement departments recently released a press release declaring him innocent.

The fans have not spared Giddey’s absence and found an opportunity to ridicule him online. One fan commented, “Giddey waiting in the car.” Another fan posted a funny video of a person being rejected for entry and captioned it as “Giddey trying to enter the high school.”

These jokes were directly targeted towards Josh Giddey’s allegations of him having a relationship with a minor, speculating that Giddey must have been left behind for the trip to high school because of those allegations. Even though the PD declared him innocent the people were not happy with the decision and it was revealed that the NBA would be continuing the investigation to uncover the truth from their perspective.

What do you think of Minnehaha Academy retiring Chet Holmgren’s jersey? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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