NBA legend Michael Jordan traded hoops for moonwalks in exchange with Michael Jackson

Michael Jordan’s talent was extraordinary, and he dominated the beautiful game of basketball for years, earning himself the status of the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the eyes of some NBA supporters. His unparalleled talent attracted dignitaries from various fields, including the pop legend Michael Jackson.

This unexpected meeting of legends, where the music icon met one of the greatest basketball players in the game, was marked by a lot of learning and plenty of laughter.

Jordan once shared basketball wisdom with Jackson

In a historic meeting between two global legends, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. This collaboration of music and sports was to bring a piece of music video that featured a basketball player. But something happened when the two met in Chicago.

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Historic Vids posted a tweet with the caption, “In 1992, Michael Jackson wanted his song ‘Jam’ to have a basketball theme with Michael Jordan. In exchange for Jackson teaching him how to dance, Jordan decided to give him a basketball lesson, engaging in one-on-one matchups with the King of Pop.” During the session, the two legends also had the opportunity to share some dance steps and shared moments of laughter.

The video presented both Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan an opportunity to learn dancing and some basketball moves. The pair struggled to pick up in their tutorial. Playing basketball seemed new and strange to the pop star, equally, Michael Jordan also struggled with dancing moves.

Michael Jordan appeared in King of Pop’s “Jam” video

In the spring of 1992, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson, two global icons with unparalleled talents, collaborated in a legendary crossover of music and sports. Their meeting occurred on the set of the music video “Jam,” a single from Jackson’s multi-platinum album “Dangerous.” Jackson, a fan of Jordan’s, specifically chose him to be part of the production, even though the song’s lyrics addressed governmental corruption.

Initially hesitant to join the video due to concerns about his dancing abilities, Jordan eventually relented because of the opportunity to work with the King of Pop. He recounted, “Well, shoot, it’s Michael Jackson. When would you ever get an opportunity to get to know him socially for a little bit, and yet at the same time, get to do his video?”

The production took place in Chicago to accommodate Jordan’s NBA schedule, necessitating heightened security due to the immense fame of both superstars. Despite some scheduling challenges, “Jam” became a hit video, and memorabilia from it, such as an autographed basketball, fetched significant sums at auction. Their collaboration underscored the impact of these two remarkable individuals in their respective fields.

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