Is Vince McMahon stepping down from WWE Chairman role? Exploring the possibilities following recent reports

Vince McMahon has been involved in his fair share of scandals over the past year, stepping down from the position of Chairman last year due to a hush money scandal. However, he returned sometime later and agreed to WWE being acquired by Endeavor and TKO Group Holdings.

McMahon initially stepped down from the role of Chairman last year due to some scandals. However, he was brought back into WWE sometime later. It was then reported that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel personally requested McMahon to assume his previous post.

Details on Vince McMahon’s future

It was allegedly reported that Vince McMahon paid a total of $14.6 million to several women, including some WWE employees, to keep quiet about allegations of sexual misconduct. Another $5 million was paid to the Donald Trump Foundation for his appearances in the company. He was forced to step down as Chairman last year.

However, when he returned to WWE this year around WrestleMania weekend, fans were agitated to see him back and meddling with Triple H’s creative decisions. They even started a huge #FireVince movement against McMahon after the news of his hush money scandal came to light.

According to recent news, a search warrant has been served and executed by the Feds after the federal grand jury signed off on a subpoena to McMahon on 17 July. However, no charges has been filed against him as of yet. Furthermore, Jacob Frenkel, who’s the Chair of Dickinson Wright’s Government Investigations & Securities Enforcement Practice Group has told LA Times that Vince McMahon may face criminal or civil liabilities that may cause him to step down from his WWE role.

This has led several fans to believe that McMahon may be done for good with WWE this time. He was previously urged to come back to the company by the Endeavor boss, Ari Emanuel, due to the ongoing proceedings of the merger. But now that the merger is completed, McMahon’s future in the company seems bleak as of now.

McMahon attended employee meeting

Following the successful completion of the merger between WWE and Endeavor, the wrestling industry saw a bunch of post-acquisition layoffs . This morning, WWE CEO Nick Khan called an all-employee meeting in WWE Headquarters at Stamford, CT.

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel and Vince McMahon attended the meeting alongside Nick Khan. It lasted about 12-15 minutes. In the meeting, the officials promised that the future outlook of WWE was bright. Additionally, it was reported by several WWE employees that McMahon was actually using a cane to walk up the stairs. It was also said that McMahon was in a playful mood while addressing his employees and joked around a bit. It remains to be seen what the future holds for WWE and Vince McMahon.

In light of the controversies surrounding him, some suggest that it’s for the best if he steps down from his role in the company.


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